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Sure, it's been more than two decades since we were first introduced to the cast we'd later call by only their first names: Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. These were our friends ... and our "Friends!" After 10 seasons of watching those single and seeking 20-somethings morph into coupled and careered 30-somethings, we bid them farewell in 2004. Rumors have flown in the years since about a reunion but, alas, we're still waiting.

Much ado is made over certain memorable moments in the series' history: Joey's famous "How you doin'?" pickup line; Ross and Rachel "on a break;" Monica and Chandler's babies ... Ross and Rachel's baby ... the babies Phoebe had for her brother (it's not as weird as it sounds). Then, there was Marcel, the pet monkey, the sofa stuck in the stairwell ("Pivot!"), and that long-awaited kiss between Ross and Rachel after the prom video. Sigh.

But, let's throw it back ... wayyyy back ... all the way back to the very first "Friends" episode that aired in September 1994. ​What kind of first impression did this group of six make on you? Can you remember Rachel's grand entrance? What about Ross' sad story? Who was Monica going on a date with? Work through these trivia questions from "The One Where It All Began." Are you ready to begin? Show us what you've got!

What is Rachel wearing when we meet her for the first time?

Rachel has just left Barry at the altar when she bursts into Central Perk ... still wearing her wedding dress. In fact, she wears it for a majority of the first episode, no matter how smashed it starts to look.


What TV show is Rachel watching in tears after attempting to contact Barry, the man she left at the altar?

Rachel is snuggled up with her wedding gown watching the scene in "Joanie Loves Chachi" where the lovebirds get married. She notes, "But, Joanie LOVES Chachi ... that's the difference!"


Who jumps in to help Ross set up his new apartment in the first episode?

Ross is newly single after his wife, Carol, leaves him. In the first episode, Ross is moving into a new apartment and has nothing (not even the "good TV"). Joey and Chandler jump in to help him get things set up.


When the "Friends" crew leaves the coffeeshop and heads to Monica's apartment, who is Rachel seen talking to on the phone?

While the gang is watching television, Rachel is pacing in the background on the phone with her dad. Still wearing her wedding dress, Rachel is trying to explain that she left the wedding because she doesn't love Barry.


The first scene in the very first "Friends" episode takes place in which of these locations?

The Central Perk coffeehouse was a frequent hang-out for the cast of "Friends," and even provided Rachel with a job for a couple of seasons. Did you know you can tour the Central Perk set as part of the Warner Bros. studio tour?


Perhaps foreshadowing a job to come, Rachel does which of these things for the first time ever in the show's first episode?

Can you believe Rachel had never brewed coffee before?! Admittedly, she was a bit of a prima donna when she first arrived in New York City, but she adjusted. At least she was only serving the coffee at Central Perk!


Oh boy! What is Ross upset about early in the "Friends" pilot?

When we first meet Ross, he is mourning the loss of his marriage to Carol, who has decided she likes women. Ross is moving into a new apartment and starting over ... with help from his "Friends," of course.


What does Rachel buy that prompts the friends to encourage her to cut up her credit cards?

Rachel's first venture into the real world doesn't go too well when she spends the day failing at interviews, but succeeding at finding the perfect pair of boots. Unfortunately, she buys them on a credit card financed by her dad.


Who says the first lines in the "Friends" pilot?

Monica is the first of the friends to speak in the series' first episode when she mentions a date (that's not really a date) that she's going on later. She's perched on the couch at Central Perk when it happens.


Monica tells Rachel, "Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna _____ it."

After the friends convince Rachel to cut up her credit cards and stop living off her father, Monica welcomes Rachel to the real world with this iconic quote. Rachel is about to live the "broke" part of the show's theme song.


Rachel throws something into the fountain in the series' opening credits. What is it?

The series' opening, a festive dance-off with the friends set to The Rembrandts' "I'll Be There For You," features various scenes in front of a fountain. In one, Rachel is seen breaking off chunks of bread and throwing them in the water.


In the first episode, we see Rachel in a wedding dress. Where was she headed on her honeymoon that didn't happen?

Rachel and Barry should've been enjoying their honeymoon in Aruba, but what would "Friends" have been without Rachel Green? Thankfully for us fans, Rachel left Barry at the altar and nullified their honeymoon experience!


Who says, "Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian," in the pilot's opening scene?

Funny, funny Chandler! He delivers this line while continuing to look at a magazine as the rest of the friends look on in amazement. Upon seeing everyone's reaction, he says, "Did I say that out loud?"


Eww! What faux pas does Monica commit on her date with Paul?

Monica is shocked to learn that her date has not had sex in more than two years, so she spits out her water when he tells her. Of course, she later finds out he lied to her to win her sympathy ... and a place in her bed.


The debut episode of "Friends" is known by which other name than simply "The Pilot"?

Also known as "The First One" and "The One Where It All Began," the debut episode in September 1994 was both "The Pilot" and "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate," namely one Rachel Green.


Rachel tells her dad, "It's like all my life everyone's told me, "You're a shoe! ... Well, what if I don't want to be a shoe? What if I wanna be a ____ or a hat?"

Rachel's on the phone with her father when she says this gem of a line. She gets frustrated when her father doesn't follow her metaphor. We can hear Ross say, "You can see where he'd have trouble."


As Ross is getting reacquainted with Rachel in Central Perk, what happens?

Ross is bewildered by his run-in with Rachel after so many years. As they reacquaint themselves with each other, Ross accidentally deploys his umbrella. Such a classic, awkward Ross move!


Phoebe sings a song to try to calm Monica down in the first episode. What is it?

After mangling some of the lyrics, Rachel tells Phoebe she's all better after the serenade. Phoebe, delighted with herself, turns to the guys and says, "I helped." "My Favorite Things" is frequently associated with the movie, "The Sound of Music."


Which household item causes Rachel to question her impending nuptials with Barry?

In typical Rachel fashion, she begins describing how she knew Barry wasn't "the one," and it all started with your everyday ... gravy boat. Now, don't ask us how that prompted her enlightenment, but we'll look at gravy boats differently from now on!


What are the friends doing in the opening credits of the first episode (and subsequent episodes thereafter)?

The opening credits for "Friends" begin with the entire "Friends" gang dancing outside near a fountain. The intro scene was reportedly filmed at the Warner Bros. Ranch in Burbank, California.


Joey compares the variety of women out there in the world to which of these items?

After Ross laments that maybe there's only one woman out there for him, Joey steps in to save the day. He compares the variety of women in the world to the variety of ice cream flavors and encourages Ross to "grab a spoon."


Phoebe does something to try to make Ross feel better at the start of episode one. What is it?

Ross tells Phoebe to "leave his aura alone" as the two are perched on the infamous orange couch in Central Perk. Phoebe appears to be "clearing" the air around Ross's head when he chimes in and tells her to stop.


What does Monica do as the opening credits are ending and the episode is preparing to start?

As the dance scene that is the opening credits of the show winds to an end, Monica — sitting on the arm of a couch — reaches over and turns off a lamp. That's the cue that the episode is about to start!


The guys ask Phoebe to help assemble Ross's new furniture. What is her response?

Oh, Phoebe, you are our spirit animal! "I wish I could, but I don't want to," is a classic Phoebe response, even though we don't know that much about her yet. Hey ... we might try this one at work ...


After making everyone coffee her first morning at Monica's, Rachel is surprised to discover what?

Rachel Green has clearly been living a life of privilege. At one point, she says she was marrying Barry to have someone to take care of her after leaving the safety net her father was providing.


Who does Rachel liken Barry's appearance to as she's explaining why she ran out on her wedding?

Calling his appearance "familiar," Rachel likens her now ex-fiancé, Barry, to the childhood toy, Mr. Potato Head. We're not sure how accurate (or nice) that is, but it's certainly descriptive.


A poster for which of these TV series is hanging in Ross's new apartment?

As the guys are assembling Ross's new furniture, a poster for "Speed Racer" can be seen in the background of the living room. "Speed Racer" was an animated television series that started in the late 1960s.


What are the friends watching on television in Monica's apartment after they leave Central Perk?

And, not a single one of them speaks Spanish! That's what makes it so funny, of course. We see them all intently watching the program and then guessing at what the characters could be saying.


Rachel tells her Dad she's going to live where following her canceled wedding?

Without asking, of course! Rachel volunteers her unemployed and ill-prepared self as Monica's new roommate, which is where the show's title, "The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate," originated.


Ouch! How many interviews does Rachel say she was laughed out of?

Rachel professes she's "trained for nothing" when Ross asks if she managed to get a job. Instead of finding a job, Rachel announces her exciting new purchase and tells the gang she was laughed out of a dozen interviews.


What do the friends chant at Rachel before welcoming her to the "real world?"

Monica welcomes Rachel to the "real world," telling her, "It sucks ... You're gonna love it," after Rachel hesitatingly cuts up the credit cards financed by her father. The group chants, "Cut! Cut! Cut!" to compel her to ditch the plastic.


Monica takes out her frustration with Paul by smashing which of his belongings?

Rachel discovers Paul's watch in the living room of Monica's apartment. Reflecting on their earlier conversation about destroying a romantic partner's belongings, Monica decides to smash Paul's wristwatch.


Ross and Rachel share which of these toward the end of the pilot episode?

After both reached for the remaining cookie at the same time, Ross suggests splitting it in two. The two hold onto their cookie halves through the remainder of their conversation, reminiscing on childhood days.


Carol got the furniture, stereo and "good TV." What does Ross say he was left with in the wake of the couple's split?

It's kind of a touching moment if you think about it! The show is, after all, "Friends," and Ross says that his friends are all Carol left to him. Of course, Chandler and Joey seize on that remark to make a joke, but we still think it's precious.


When Ross and Rachel are alone in the living room, what does Ross ask her?

All the way back in the show's very first episode, we get a glimpse of the relationship to come between Ross and Rachel. It just leaves one question: Why did he wait so long to do it?!


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