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Alanis Morissette kind of had two careers in music that not a lot of fans know about. In the early 1990s Morissette, then going just by the name Alanis, was very much into the world of bubblegum pop music and could have easily traded places with Paula Abdul or Debbie Gibson. It was only years later when she released the album "Jagged Little Pill" that fans got a look at the raw and unfiltered Alanis Morissette that would make her a world-renowned talent with 33 million albums sold.

"You Oughta Know" was the song that exploded with catchy yet angry lyrics and an aggressive sound that people fell in love with. She switched up her style and sound in songs like "Ironic" and "Hand in My Pocket" covering a range from hard rock to more catchy pop songs. The mix was something fans loved and the album charted all around the world. Every single seemed to be one of those unforgettable songs of the era. Who can hear "You Learn" today and not want to sing along?

Morissette has released nine studio albums to date and is still a musical icon, being the first female artist in Canada to ever top the Billboard charts. If you're a diehard fan, then you oughta know how to finish these lyrics. Take the quiz and show your stuff!

What comes after "And I'm here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away?"

The song that rocketed Alanis to international fame was "You Oughta Know" and the next line is "It's not fair to deny me." This was the lead single off of the album and was a top 40 hit as far away as New Zealand and Iceland.


"I'm broke but I'm happy" is followed by what lyric in "Hand in My Pocket?

"Hand in my Pocket" features the line "I'm poor but I'm kind." The song was actually chosen as the theme song for the show "Dawson's Creek" and was used in the unaired pilot. After the show was picked up for series, Morrisette didn't want it used.


According to Alanis, a black fly in your what is ironic?

No one wants a black fly in their Chardonnay, and Alanis was all over that on the album "Jagged Little Pill." And the most ironic thing was, of course, that nothing in the song met the literary definition of irony.


What line follows "You've already won me over in spite of me?"

The next line from the song "Head Over Feet" is, "And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet." The song is the story of a pair of best friends who are also in love with one another, and the relationship that they have.


Alanis says "I sang _______ in the choir" in "Forgiven." What did she sing?

The word missing in this lyric is "Alleluia." If you've ever wondered what the difference between alleluia and hallelujah is, wonder no more! Both are translations of a Hebrew phrase that means "praise the name of God" but the alleluia version was translated through Greek first.


In "You Oughta Know" Alanis asks Mr. Who if he forgot about her?

The line is "Did you forget about me, Mr. Duplicity?" and it's just one of the many biting lines in the song. For many years now it's been generally understood that Alanis was singing about her ex Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey on "Full House."


"You live you learn/You love you learn/You cry you learn" and then what?

There's a lot of stuff to learn in this song, and the next line is, "You lose you learn." Here's something you may not have known but can learn right now: Alanis is named after her father, whose name is Alan.


In "Right Through You" what's the missing lyric in the line "Wait a minute man/You ___________ my name?"

Someone mispronounced Alanis' name in this lyric that opens the song "Right Through You." Alanis has said that the fame she found after "Jagged Little Pill" resulted in post-traumatic stress as she had people breaking into her hotel rooms, pulling her hair and generally not respecting any boundaries with her.


In the song "Ironic," what has a funny way of sneaking up on you?

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you in the song "Ironic" from the album "Jagged Little Pill." When she was a kid, Alanis was on the show "You Can't Do That on Television" that aired on Nickelodeon.


Can you fill the blank in "I am flattered by your __________ with me" from "Univited?"

Alanis says she's flattered by someone's fascination with her in the lyrics to "Uninvited." The song comes from the soundtrack to the movie "City of Angels." The song was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 1999.


Can you fill in this blank in the line "I don't want to be a _______ if the wound is not mine" from the song "Not the Doctor?"

The blank in this lyric is "bandage" from the song "Not the Doctor" off "Jagged Little Pill." That album hit number one on Billboard's 200, making Alanis the first woman from Canada to achieve that feat.


How do you finish the line "'Cause I've got one hand in my pocket/ And the other one is _____________ " in "Hand in My Pocket?"

Alanis has some busy hands in the song "Hand in My Pocket" so while one hand is forever in her pocket, the other gets to give a high five, play the piano, hail a cab, flick a cigarette and flash a peace sign at some point in the song.


Did you learn how to finish the line "I recommend getting your heart ___________ to anyone" from "You Learn?"

Alanis recommends getting your heart trampled on to anyone in "You Learn." This was one of the biggest singles from "Jagged Little Pill" and Alanis didn't even have a US record deal when she recorded it. She waited until it was done before signing a deal so no studio could make changes to it.


Alanis begins the song "One" by saying she's the biggest what?

According to the lyrics of the song "One" the singer is the biggest hypocrite. Though not one of the biggest releases off of the album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" it did lend its name to "The One Tour" that followed.


How do you finish the line "Deadlines, meetings and contracts all ________" from "So-Called Chaos?"

Obviously a contract is getting breached and that's the missing lyric here. The song "So-Called Chaos" was also the name of the album on which the song was found. Actor Ryan Reynolds, to whom she was engaged at the time, inspired a lot of the songs on the album.


Alanis lists the 21 things she wants in a lover and says they're "Not necessarily needs but ________ that I prefer. What did we skip over?

The song "21 Things I Want in a Lover" was off Alanis' album "Rug Under Swept" and it was released as a single but only in Brazil. That aside, it was a critical favorite in reviews of the album and has been a standout. What did she prefer? Qualities!


What's the missing word in the line "How many times do I have to tell you to _______" from "Perfect?"

"How many times do I have to tell you to hurry up" is the lyric here. The song is called "Perfect," and some people believe the most perfect song Alanis ever recorded was her low-key cover of Fergie's "My Humps."


Can you finish the line, "If I accumulate knowledge I'll be ____________ " from "Would Not Come?"

"If I accumulate knowledge I'll be impenetrable" according to the song "Would Not Come." Knowledge seems like something Morissette would place value on, since both of her parents were teachers when she was younger.


Do you remember what Alanis thanks in the line "Thank you India/Thank you ______" from "Thank U?"

"Thank U" was a single off Alanis' "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie," her much-anticipated follow-up to "Jagged Little Pill." In a repeated refrain she thanks India and also terror, as well as a number of other things.


In "So Pure," Alanis says that you reduce her to what kind of tears?

Alanis gets reduced to "cosmic tears" in "So Pure" from the album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie." While that song seems pretty deep and thoughtful, Alanis' career has been pretty crazy. She opened for Vanilla Ice on his tour in 1990.


What did Alanis have to say after asking "Do I stress you out?"

The song "All I Really Want" features the lyric, "My sweater is on backwards and inside out." In the song she compares herself to the main character Estella from the Charles Dickens novel "Great Expectations."


In the song "Front Row," how does the line, "Do you go to the dungeon to find out how to make peace with your days in the _______" go?

This line from "Front Row" is a little repetitive as it hits "dungeon" again as the lyric. "Clerks" director Kevin Smith once said that this song was partially inspired by a phone call that he and Alanis once had.


"Can't Not" opens with the line "I'd be lying if I said I was completely ________." What's the word we're missing?

The lyric in "Can't Not" is "I'd be lying if I said I was completely unscathed." Morissette may not be unscathed but she does seem happy with her husband Mario Treadway, better known by his stage name Souleye. The two have three children together.


Do you know what's missing from the line "How long will this take baba/ How long have we been ________" in "Baba?"

The line is, "How long have we been sleeping." The song "Baba" was written after Alanis came back from a trip to India, as was the song "Thank U" and is in some ways autobiographical about a person on a spiritual journey.


How does the line "You'll ______ me. Right?" from "Precious Illusions" go?

Alanis wants to know that you're going to rescue her at the beginning of the song "Precious Illusions." This tune was the second single from her album "Rug Under Swept." This is one of her peppier songs, even though it has a slow start.


What's the end of the line "Always too hot never too ____" from "Too Hot?

If you never heard "Too Hot," do yourself a favor and Google it. This is from the 1991 album "Alanis" back when she released a very radio-friendly pop album in line with things like Paula Abdul of the era. The line is "never too cold," incidentally.


"The Couch" begins with, "You hadn't seen ____ ______ in such a long time." What's the missing lyric?

"You hadn't seen your father in such a long time" is the lyric from "The Couch." You may have seen Alanis on your own couch back in the day when she sang on the show "Star Search." She lost to a guy named Chad the Singing Cowboy.


How do you complete the line "I am a citizen of the planet/My laws are all __________" in "Citizen of the Planet"

Alanis' laws are all of attraction in the lyrics to "Citizen of the Planet." This was the first track off "Flavors of Entanglement" which came out in 2008. The album sold about 600,000 copies worldwide and won a Juno, which is like the Canadian Grammy.


How do you finish the line "I was hoping I was hoping we could ____ each other" in "I Was Hoping?"

Alanis was hoping you could heal each other in the lyrics to the song "I Was Hoping." Not a lot of people know that Alanis has a twin brother named Wade who is also a musician and a yoga instructor.


How does the line "I'll teach you all this in 8 easy steps/A ______ of a lifetime you'll never forget" go?

It's "a course of a lifetime" that Alanis is singing about in the song "8 Easy Steps." The song is a bit of a parody of self-help advice, as a lot of the lines tell you how to improve your life by doing something that's a little bit awful.


"Orchid" features the repeated line "I'm a _____ piece of work." What's missing?

"I'm a sweet piece of work" is the line from "Orchid." Speaking of a piece of work, her 1999 tour was sponsored by and they paid her in stock that was worth millions right up until the dotcom explosion, which killed it. Word is she sold about $1.5 million before it fell apart, though.


"That I Would Be Good" features the line, "That I would be good if I got and stayed ____." What's not here?

"That I would be good if I got and stayed sick" is the line here. There's a buzz in the background of the song that was recorded by accident because a microphone was too close to an amp. Morrissette liked it so much she kept it in the song.


"Hands Clean" starts with the line "If it weren't for your ________ none of this would have happened." What's missing?

The word "maturity" was the missing lyric in this line. The song "Hands Clean" comes from Alanis' fifth album "Under Rug Swept." The song was controversial when it was released as it dealt with an underage relationship Morrisette had with a much older man.


Can you finish the line "How 'bout them transparent dangling _______" from "Thank U?"

It's carrots that are transparent and dangling in the lyric here from "Thank U." This became the fifth number-one single of Morrisette's music career. It was also nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2000 Grammys.


Do you know the missing lyric in, "If we were our bodies/if we were our futures/if we were our ________ I'd be joining you" from "Joining You?"

"If we were our defenses I'd be joining you" is the line from "Joining You" off the album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie." There was supposed to be a video for the song, and footage was shot, but Morissette didn't like it so the video was scrapped


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