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Billie Eilish is a singer and songwriter who rose to prominence from her early SoundCloud tracks. She has since received numerous awards, like the "Best New Artist" award from the Grammys and "Most simultaneous US Hot 100 entries by a female" from the Guinness World Records. But unlike other mainstream artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, Billie's songs stand out due to how she "whispers" while singing in a beautiful tone, as well as her authentic and honest lyrics about life. And speaking of her lyrics, many of them are layered with complexity. They also seem to hint at Billie's past romances, depression pains and reactions to fame and fortune. 

Songs like "Ocean Eyes" and "Everything I Wanted" may be popular, but can you recite all of these lyrics by heart? OK, maybe that's too easy ... So how about songs like "Ilomilo" and "Xanny?" You might be thinking, "Well, that's just 'Another Stupid Song,'" but in today's musical quiz, we're going to determine how much of a Billie Eilish fan you really are. So, let's find out if you can finish some of her most popular lyrics on the "Don't Smile at Me" and "When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" albums!

What's the missing word here: "But you never came back to ask it out. Go ahead and watch my heart __________"?

These lyrics are from the song "Watch," which is about how love isn't reciprocated sometimes in a relationship, especially with the lyrics, "Your love feels so fake, and my demands aren't high to make."


How about these lyrics: "You're all I wanted. Just let me hold you. Hold you like a ..."?

This song is called "Hostage," and the word appears several times in the lyrics. Billie is talking about her deep love for someone, and how she wants to "hold them hostage" after she "crawls inside their veins."


Which song do these lyrics belong to: "Help, I lost myself again, but I remember you"?

Although "Six Feet Under" is another way of saying that someone is dead, this song discusses how her "love is six feet under" from a previous relationship. She also wonders if such love could rekindle in the future by saying, "Would roses bloom? Could roses bloom, again?"


What's the next line in the song "You Should See Me in a Crown"? "Tell me which one is worse: Living or dying first ..."?

As the song title implies, Billie is imagining herself as royalty with a crown. And with lyrics like "Wait till the world is mine," and "Your silence is my favorite sound," we're going to guess that her rulings won't be pretty.


How does Billie ends these lyrics: "You want me to be yours, well, then you gotta be mine, and if you want a good girl, then ..."?

This song is called "My Boy," and it shines a light on one of her ex's flaws. This can be seen with lyrics like, "He ain't a man and sure as hell ain't honest" and "My boy's an ugly crier but he's such a pretty liar."


Can you fill in the missing word here: "I don't need a __________ to feel better, on designated drives home"?

The missing word is "Xanny," and it's also the name of this song. "Xanny" is another way of saying "Xanax." But this song doesn't promote the drug. Rather, it's about how she "doesn't need it to feel better."


What's the first line in "All The Good Girls Go To Hell"?

There are several religious themes in this song, which are noted by these lyrics "'Cause even God herself has enemies," and "She'll want the Devil on her team." Essentially, the song may refer to how anyone is subject to Hell, even the "good ones."


How does this song go: "They'll be here pretty soon, looking through my room, for the ..."?

The "Bellyache" song explores the mind of a killer and how they can feel nervous about the crimes they committed, especially with lyrics like "I'm biting my nails, I'm too young to go to jail."


Which line is missing from these "Party Favor" lyrics: "Maybe just forget it, 'cause by the time you get this, ..."?

The first part of this song goes like, "Hey, call me back when you get this," which implies that she's leaving a voicemail for her significant other. But what he doesn't know, is that she's breaking up with him with the line, "Your number might be blocked."


Which line in "Wish You Were Gay" comes before this one: "Just say that I'm not your preferred sexual orientation"?

In this love song, Billie discusses how she's in love with a person who doesn't feel the same way. In fact, she wishes he's gay so that she can move on knowing that she wasn't the issue here.


What's the missing word in "True Blue": "Sleepwalk, find myself on your street, ________ knocks"?

"Three knocks, ring the bell then I leave" are some of the lyrics in Billie's "True Blue" song. It also seems to be a love song as noted by "I'd like to mean it when I say I'm over you, but that's still not true."


Can you finish this "Bad Guy" line: "Creeping around like no one knows, think you're so ..."?

This song puts a spin on the traditional "Bad guy" notion in relationships. It's about how a guy thinks he's "criminal" and tough, but as Billie says in the end, "I'm the bad guy, duh."


How does Billie finish this line: "Tear me to pieces, skin to bone. Hello. _____________"?

This song is called "Lovely," and it's actually pretty ironic. Billie has stated in an interview that "The song was sort of really freaking depressing so then it's like oh, how lovely."


One of these "Bury A Friend" lyrics is incorrect, but which one is it?

The correct lyrics of this song are "Then my limbs are frozen, my eyes won't close." Rather than literally "burying a friend," the song seems to explore the mysteries of death and "where we go" after it happens.


What line does Billie sing next: "Are you okay? You seem too far gone, infected ..."?

This song is "Fingers Crossed," and it's about how Billie and a love interest have survived a traumatic world event. This is also noted by the lyrics "In the end, when they're all gone," and "Just you and I, we'll be alive."


"!!!!!!!" is the first "song" on Billie's "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?" album. But how does it go?

Fans love Billie because of how real she seems to be. While this is more of an introduction to the album than a song itself, it showcases the silly and spontaneous side of her personality.


What's Billie about to say here: "My doctors can't explain my symptoms or my pain, but you are my ..

In this "Strange Addiction" song, Billie explores how one of her previous love interests was an "addiction" in her life. She goes on to say "Bite my glass, set myself on fire / Can't you tell I'm crass? Can't you tell I'm wired?"


What's the second line in "Come Out And Play"?

"Come Out And Play" is about Billie encouraging someone to step outside of their comfort zone. This is evidenced by lyrics like, "To show 'em everything you kept inside" and "Don't hide, don't hide."


What's the last part of this song: "I had a dream, I got everything I wanted. But when I wake up, I see ..."?

Though "Everything I Wanted" might allude to how fame isn't as great as one seems, Billie has stated in an interview "that the whole song is about me and Finneas' relationship as siblings."


One of these lines doesn't belong in "B****es Broken Hearts," but can you spot it?

This song is about how one of Billie's love interests still has feelings for her but is trying to deny it. Lyrics such as "Oh, what a shame, I'm not there" and "But I guess being lonely fits me" implies that Billie is not attracted to them anymore.


What line comes before these in "Idontwannabeyouanymore": "Was I made from a broken mold? Hurt, I can't shake"?

This song is about Billie's self-esteem issues, and how she wishes she could live another life as another person. This is evidenced by the line, "Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before. I don't wanna be you ... anymore."


What are the first two lines in "Goodbye"?

This song might not make much sense when you read it from the top to the bottom, but that's because it's meant to be read in reverse. Thus, when you read it as it's intended, it goes like this "Don't leave me be, please, please, goodbye."


Fill in the blank here: "Copycat trying to cop my _________. Why so sad bunny? Can't have mine?"

No one likes copycats, so don't mess with Billie if you're "trying to cop her glamor." This song is actually a testament to a person who tried to copy Billie's style and personality.


What's the next line in this "Bored" song: "I'm not afraid anymore. What makes you sure you're all I need? __________________"?

You can actually hear this song on the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why." Lyrics like "I'm not afraid anymore" and "What makes you sure you're all I need?" implies that the song is about not needing a particular love interest anymore.


Which of these lyrics does not belong in "Ilomilo"?

"Dreaming of a time and place" is actually from her song "When I Was Older." "Ilomilo," on the other hand, is about how Billie "can't lose another life" with regards to friendships.


Can you finish these "Limbo" lyrics: "Push me out the window, nothing in common ..."?

The "Limbo" song is about how love can feel lost and uncertain at times. This is especially true with these lyrics: "Nothing but problems between me and you, with your arms akimbo, seven days in limbo."


Can you guess what the middle lyrics are in "sHE’s brOKen:" "Another story _____________________ and gets destroyed"?

This song explores the traditional notion of love, how a "girl meets a boy" and how it can be so "picture perfect." But then she goes on to say, "He's okay, she's broken, he's the ocean waves, she's choking."


Let's see if you can finish these lyrics: "When I was older, I was a sailor ..."?

Billie has stated on her Twitter page that the song "When I Was Older" is based on the film "Roma." With lyrics like, "I'm still a victim in my own right" and "But I'm the villain in my own eyes," the song explores similar struggles of the main character in "Roma."


What is the last line in the song "8"?

The song "8" is about how Billie's former love interest seems distant and disconnected from the relationship. She doesn't sense any emotions or feelings from him either, hence the last line, "Do you even feel anything?"


How does the next part go in "I Love You:" "The smile that you gave me ..."?

Billie isn't the type to show her emotions in an outward fashion, and this song is about how she doesn't want to admit to someone that she loves them back. In fact, she kind of wishes they never said it at all.


What line comes before this one in "When The Party's Over": "Once we've both said our goodbyes, let's just let it go"?

This song explores the idea of heartbreak and how we sometimes convince ourselves that we don't need or want a certain person in our lives. Thus, the previous line is, "But nothing is better, sometimes."


Can you guess the song from these lyrics: "Don't you see me crying? I know that you can do it all"?

With lyrics like "But you can't say I'm not trying" and "Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning," this song seems to be about someone trying to learn and adapt to a relationship.


Can you guess the song title from these lyrics: "I sat alone, awaited your reply, was driven home, when I started to cry"?

This song is dedicated to one of Billie's friends, who died on June 18th, 2018. Billie explores the grief and anguish over losing someone, as well as wishing she could express her true feelings to them.


Can you complete this line from "Ocean Eyes"? "I've been walking through a world gone blind. Can't stop thinking of your _________ __________."

This love song explores how Billie felt for one of her past crushes, specifically when she "thinks of his diamond mind." The lyrics then go "Careful creature made friends with time / He left her lonely with a diamond mind."


What's the very first line in "Another Stupid Song"?

Perhaps these lyrics are an ode to the mountain of love songs that are already out there and how Billie is over writing "stupid songs" about her love interests and relationships, especially with the line, "So take this as my last reply."


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