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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter took the world by storm when she debuted with the girl-group Destiny's Child (formerly known as Girl's Tyme) in 1996. The group produced major hits like "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills," creating a spotlight for vocalist Beyoncé to shine. Eventually, she began pursuing a solo career that was furthered by her love interest (later husband) Jay-Z. Aside from her incredible vocal chops, Beyoncé is a dedicated songwriter, dancer and entrepreneur. In the past decade, she's brought her first daughter Blue Ivy into this world, followed by a pair of twins. 

With her life displayed for all to see despite her efforts for privacy, the Carters have come up with quite a bit of lingo over the years they've been influencing hip-hop. Did you know that Beyoncé actually got a word added to the Oxford Dictionary? Bootylicious. What an icon! Her words are notable by scholars, fans and intrigued quiz-takers alike. Do you know what it means to get in a "boof boof?" What about the true meaning of "surfboard?" These songs are fun to sing, but now it's time to test your knowledge of what Beyoncé is actually talking about. We guarantee this will shed more clarity on the content of her music without spoiling the fun, so get ready to get in formation!

Who in the heck is Becky with the good hair?

Becky was actually used in this context starting with Sir Mix-A-Lot hit single "Baby Got Back." It's considered slightly derogatory and was also theorized to be a nickname for Jay-Z's alleged side chick during his cheating-on-Beyoncé scandal. The name of the woman from this affair was never revealed, but many fans believe it to be Rachel Roy, Rita Ora or Rihanna.


What body part is Bey referencing when she says "my fatty"?

Beyoncé has sworn up and down that her butt is natural and she has not received any kind of enhancement surgery. After her second pregnancy with her twins, Queen Bey went on an incredibly strict diet/workout plan to get in shape for her Coachella performance. She reportedly lost 65 pounds in six months, all while being a new mom! Wow!


What does it mean to be the "baddest" in the game?

As she says in "Hold Up" from her album "Lemonade," Queen Bey is the baddest in the game of music. Her iconic status in pop music worldwide has surely earned her that title, as well as the several awards shes, got under her belt. Her sixth studio album of 2016 gained her multiple Grammy nominations, as well as a Peabody Award.


The appropriate time to tell someone "Boy, bye" is when ...

She's sorry, but she's not really sorry. The Queen's catchphrase "Boy, bye!" is an absolute crowd favorite and the perfect response to advances from trashy humans. While this phrase might not necessarily have been invented by Beyoncé, it was popularized by her through the song "Sorry" from her hit album "Lemonade."


Where is H-Town?

Beyoncé often references where she grew up: Houston. It's located on the eastern side of Texas, closer to the border of Louisiana. In her song "Daddy Lessons," she explores the impact of her Southern upbringing on her values and individuality going forward with relationships and the lessons her dad shared with her before his passing.


Who is Beyoncé's alter ego?

Beyoncé's album titled "I Am...Sasha Fierce" was an ode to her other on-stage persona. Sasha Fierce was a more untamed version of Beyoncé that she channeled in various songs and albums. In an interview with Allure in 2010, Beyoncé stated that she's killed off her stage persona, stating "I don't need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I've grown and now I'm able to merge the two."


Which image is used in "Drunk in Love" as a status symbol for the power couple of the Carters?

The coupling of an alcoholic beverage "on the rocks" and a cigar is meant as a power symbol or a flex from Beyoncé & Jay-Z. This show of finances exuberates wealth and status, similarly to how the great Romanov Tzars of Russia decorated themselves to show off their power and influence. Beyoncé has often used various monarchs as the inspiration for her attire and music video content.


When you're "throwing deuces up", you're ...

This phrase is less Beyoncé and more so just looks *so* good when she does it. Beyoncé's fingers are particularly bony and great for deuces. This slang is partially derived from poker slang for "twos," which is called "deuces." The phrase in its current use of "peace out" or "goodbye" was taken from African-American culture.


What does Beyoncé mean when she refers to herself as "redboned"?

While all four of these options may be true, the third one is what Bey references in her song "Flawless" featuring Nicki Minaj. Bey is referencing her multiracial background.


"Swag sauce" AKA "swagu" is a play on what kind of food item?

Ever heard of Ragu, one of the most beloved tomato sauces in the United States? So has Beyoncé. This hook is repeated over and over in the beginning verses of "Party" from the album "4," which was released in 2011. Andre 3000, J.Cole, Kanye West and Consequence are all featured on the track, with Kanye singing the "swagu" lyric.


Who is "Big Homie"?

Jay has been known by many nicknames, but this one he gave to himself in Beyoncé's song "Crazy in Love." She reused this later in her song "Sorry," which was a note to her cheating lover that she can and will leave him if he cheats again. This nickname is equivalent to Bruce Springsteen's nickname of "The Boss" in music and pop culture.


Fill in the blank: "______________: A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes." — "Flawless" by Beyoncé

During the highlight of her present career, Beyoncé has not been shy about her stances politically and socially. She's an active feminist, as seen when she pulled a sound bite from a speech by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie entitled "We Should All Be Feminists." Adichie is a Nigerian novelist, activist and TED speaker who received two MAs from Johns Hopkins and Yale University.


In Beyoncé's "Partition," what public scandal is used in reference to using a piece of clothing for intimate acts?

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky are famed for their affair, which led to the infamous impeachment trials to the then-President of the United States. Ms. Lewinsky has since the scandal gone back to school for her masters in Psychology, released a line of handbags and was once a television personality. She even released a book about the scandal entitled "Monica's Story" in 1999. Now, she's an anti-bullying advocate.


Which fruit does Beyoncé characterize in her songs as an aphrodisiac?

Due to the contents of watermelon, some more holistic users believe it to increase libido. There's also a ton of reasons to like watermelon. It's high in Vitamins A & C, helps keep you hydrated and holds certain compounds that supposedly help prevent forms of cancer. Be sure to add watermelon to your summer meal preps!


Which expression is used in tangent with phrases like "I'm out!"?

Imagine a car, more expensive than your house, being driven away suddenly. That screeching of tires sound is what Bey is referencing when she goes "Skrt skrt!" in her tracks. The chosen words for this slang term can also be derived from comic-book art. Motions have worded noises in comics, and the sound of a tire screeching is written similarly to the word "skrt."


The term "flossing" is used on Beyoncé's self-titled album to mean ...

Bey may not have coined this word herself, but it gets used often enough in her songs that many credit her with its popularity. The term "flossin" also found acclaim after the internet video of "Backpack Kid" went viral, creating a new dance sensation picked up by millions of children across the globe. It's pretty flossin'!


This is another word for a bathtub-based erotic act that a couple can do together ...

One of the most iconic phrases of Beyoncé's smash hit "Drunk in Love" would be the term "surfboard." We can't say much more here as it's NSFW, but search if you dare. The track was released in 2013 on Beyoncé's self-titled album and features her husband Jay-Z on the verses. The song is considered by many in the Beyhive to be a follow-up to "Crazy in Love."


What "Partition" lyric refers to Beyoncé's thick backside being "all on Instagram"?

We already know that cake means butts, but did you know that pound is another expression for a hashtag? If you were born in the 2000s, then you probably didn't. In this expression, Beyoncé is playing off of both the weight of her butt ("cake") as well as "#cake." If anyone can aim a song at a variety of generations through wordplay, it sure would be Beyoncé.


According to Beyoncé, what is the best revenge?

With Jay-Z and Beyoncé's combined worth being over a billion dollars, you can see why she believes the "best revenge is your paper!" Beyoncé's family was nowhere near rich during her starting days in Destiny's Child. In fact, her family was not in a positive financial spot. Beyoncé, as well as her sister Solange, have done incredibly well for the Knowles family.


When Queen Bey gets her "swag on", that means ...

Swag is considered a kind of energy you can exude, similar to confidence but with a little more edge to it. Bey says in several of her songs that she wakes up, gets her swag on in the mirror and starts her day. This simply means that she gets her mojo going, releasing the inner cool-girl vibe that she needs to slay the game. Well put, Beyoncé.


In the song "APESH*T" by the Carters, Beyoncé requests what as payment for her performances?

The lyric "pay me in equity" was a very intentional political piece in this song from the Carters' first album together. While some believe everyone should be treated equality, others believe there should be equity paid or used toward systemically disadvantaged groups. This issue is front and center in Bey's cultural tracks, focusing on African-American life and culture.


An "albino alligator" is in reference to ...

Beyoncé is very Southern if that hasn't fully been established yet. She claims she owns a pair of albino alligator cowboy boots, made famous by big names such as The Notorious B.I.G. There are only 12 albino alligators in existence that we know of, so the probability of this being true is very slim. Still, we wouldn't put it past Beyoncé to be serious.


Bey sings "me sing se", but what does that translate to?

In the song "Hold Up," Bey uses this phrase in homage to Jamaican slang, sometimes referred to as Jamaican Patois. It's a form of English mixed with a Jamaican accent and lingo, considered a type of dialect among those from the area. As of 2000, over 3 million people spoke this type of dialect, according to the census taken at the time.


Beyoncé uses what term as a synonym for "homies" in "Sorry"?

This phrase can be traced to the roots of New Orleans and was used in Beyoncé's "Sorry" from her visual album and Tidal exclusive "Lemonade." Some other artists that have used the term, or the shortened version of "woes," include Drake and Young Thug. The term is meant to be more personal and endearing than inclusive.


Beyoncé calls herself "Texas Bamma," but what does that mean?

Bey is mixed with both Creole roots as well as African-American heritage. This is referenced in her song "Formation" when she sings "you mix that negro with that Creole, make some Texas Bamma!" This is a common combination of ancestry in the area of Houston, Texas. It borders Louisiana, where Creole culture and history is prevalent.


Beyoncé's signature drink referenced in "6 Inch" is made of what?

The actual name of the champagne is Armand de Brignac Champagne, a brand that was actually purchased by Jay-Z back in 2014. In the song, it's referred to as "Ace and Hennessy." On, a bottle of the champagne is about $300 dollars. The nickname for the drink is actually 'Ace & Spades' but without the Beyoncé twist.


Jay-Z's favorite drink is often brought into tracks that he's on with his wife, and it's called ...

Along with Beyoncé's favorite drink brand, Jay-Z also purchased his! They were drinking this favorite of his while recording the track "Drunk in Love." A bottle of this ranges between $40-60 dollars depending on where you buy it. It's considered a spirit, with an alcohol percentage of 40% by volume. That's quite a heavy drink.


A "bopper" would be a ...

Beyoncé expresses that a "bopper" is one of the worst things you can be, and she's not one of them. Her net worth is about $355 Million dollars as of 2019, though Jay-Z is technically worth more due to his various business ventures (Tidal, etc.). Despite that, Beyoncé firmly reiterates in her song that she believes in being able to take care of herself, man or no man. You go, girl!


What does Beyoncé call her private parts in the song "Blow"?

Can you taste the rainbow? Beyoncé theorizes so in her song "Blow" where she explains that it's "sweetest in the middle". The song "Blow" was recorded in 2013 for Queen Bey's self-titled album. Notable songwriters like Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake are credited on the track and producers including Timbaland and J-Roc.


To be "dripping candy" means ...

If you've got a line of products, a service or songs that are highly acclaimed consistently, you must be dripping candy. The pieces of candy are in reference to the number of songs/content that you produce. Like candy, Beyoncé's voice is incredibly sweet but filled with texture. Her sound, however, definitely leans on the sultry side.


How does one define "Bootylicious"?

Did you know that this self-titled song's popular term usage earned it a place in the Oxford Dictionary!? It's defined by them as "sexually attractive." "Bootylicious," the song by Destiny's Child, was released on the group's album "Survivor" (2001) alongside other hits like "Independent Woman Part 1," the namesake of the album "Survivor" and "Dangerously In Love."


What phrase does Beyoncé equate to "Stay on top of things, dude"?

There are lots of different interpretations for the word "trick," but "slay" simply means to blow everyone away. You've metaphorically killed everyone's expectations and blew them out of the water. Some more negative uses of the word "trick" may be in reference to a sex worker, a gold digger or a man who is whipped.


What is a "boof boof"?

This phrase, while popularized by Beyoncé and used by her fans, was completely an accident. The actual lyrics, not released until much later from the release of the song "Countdown," were actually saying "Boo's Coupe." The song was released in 2011 for the album "4" and was one of the lead singles off the collection as well.


Bey refers to parts of herself as "bomb" in many of her songs, but what does that mean?

We can't write the full lyrics due to the mature nature of the content, but we can tell you that Jay-Z better remember how bomb Beyoncé is next time he thinks about cheating. Queen Bey uses this reference mostly in her mid-2010s album "Lemonade," which focuses on her husband's affair and their rebuilt relationship. In this album, Bey explores her feelings of betrayal, anger and forgiveness for her estranged husband.


A person who has "pluralized eyes" would be ...

Weird flex, but okay, Beyoncé? Her track "Haunted" references someone with glasses. Rather than say "four eyes," she chose "pluralized eyes," which we don't have much of an explanation for, but we're here for it. Plural as a word itself refers to something in twos or pairs. Honestly, this may have just been some inventive writing on Beyoncé's part, but hey, she IS the superstar.


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