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The names of the film's stars run across the screen as the opening credits pass. Music plays in the background. Then the film begins with a vast landscape, perhaps a cowboy riding across a prairie, and that's when it happens: that iconic line. It's edged in your head. This is your favorite Western, after all, and you can quote it from start to finish.

Even if the height of the Western genre has faded just like the days of the Old West, films in the genre still hold an iconic spot in cinema, with many of the genre's most celebrated movies sketched in the minds of moviegoers across multiple generations. These films can be heroic and inspirational, brutal and savage or even thought-provoking and simple. No matter how they're shaped, it's often the dialogue that leaves viewers with something to reflect on long after the movie has ended.

How well do you know the most iconic quotes from some of the greatest Westerns ever created? Whether it's the traditional Westerns made by directors like John Ford or the Spaghetti Westerns created by directors like Sergio Leone, this quiz covers them all. If you think you know your Westerns, take a shot at this quiz and find out if you have a perfect aim.

"All right, quit. Nobody's trying to stop you. You wanna quit, quit! Go back to the bottle, get drunk. One thing, though. The next time someone throws a dollar into a spittoon, don't expect me to do anything about it. Just get down on your knees and get it." Is this a quote you're familiar with?

Throughout "Rio Bravo," the way John Wayne's character, John T. Chance, wears his hat tells a lot about his character. When his hat is worn up, he's supposed to look friendly, but in the darker scenes, his hat is worn down to look more menacing.


Are you familiar with the satirical comedy that this line is from: "You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know, morons."?

Gene Wilder was cast to play The Waco Kid out of necessity because the original actor, Gig Young, was suffering from alcohol withdrawals during filming. At first, it seemed like Young was really into character, as The Waco Kid was an alcoholic himself, but eventually, the ambulance had to be called to take care of him.


Outlaws in Westerns like to get down to business. Which movie proves that with the quote: "Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?"

Clint Eastwood, who directed "The Outlaw Josey Wales," shot the film in autumn, which he felt was the best time to shoot his style of Western. The dying leaves and cooling weather gave his Westerns a more grim and dark appearance.


"Kid, there's something I ought to tell you. I never shot anybody before." This might be one of the most honest quotes in any Western. Do you know where it comes from?

It took the creators of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" quite a while to convince their bosses that Robert Redford was right for the part of The Sundance Kid. But after other stars turned down the role, Redford was given the part, and he certainly produced, even winning the British Academy Film Award for Best Actor.


The quote "Get three coffins ready" shows that things are going to get deadly in which Western?

If "A Fistful of Dollars" had been filmed in the United States, Clint Eastwood couldn't have starred in the Western because of his contract with the show "Rawhide." Luckily, the film was shot in Europe, which didn't violate the contract.


"I'm your Huckleberry" is a classic line delivered in which Western?

Though George Cosmatos is credited with directing "Tombstone," it was actually the film's star, Kurt Russell, who made most of the major decisions on the film. In fact, Russell had to sacrifice much of his own character's dialogue to work both sides of the camera.


Identify the movie where Dobbs expresses his fear of getting rich by saying: "Do you believe that stuff the old man was saying the other night at the Oso Negro about gold changin' a man's soul so's he ain't the same sort of man as he was before findin' it?"

Director John Huston made a cameo in one of the scenes of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre." The scene was directed by Humphrey Bogart, who played Dobbs in the film, and Boggart wasn't easy on his director, making him run the scene over and over.


When asking about a horse, the man named Harmonica says, "You brought two too many." Are you familiar with the film?

After the success of his "Dollars" trilogy, Sergio Leone went back to the Western genre with "Once Upon a Time in the West." He wanted Clint Eastwood to get on board with the film by playing Harmonica, but Eastwood turned him down.


"If you're honest, you're poor your whole life. And in the end, you wind up dying all alone on some dusty street." What's the name of the movie where this bitter truth is told?

When "High Noon" was released in 1952, it was believed that the film was a response to the Red Scare that had engulfed Hollywood. After all, the film followed a man who decided to do what was right despite being threatened, which was similar to the situation writer Carl Foreman found himself in during that time.


Commodities are hard to find in the West, evident by the line "My friend and me got a hankerin' for Switzerland chocolate and a good smoke." What's the movie?

By 2003, when "Open Range" was released, the traditional Western had all but died out, as anti-heroes rose to prominence and the good guy faded. However, "Open Range" recaptures some of the traditional Western style, bringing fans back to the days of John Ford and Anthony Mann.


Are you familiar with this quote? "I won't rest until Tom Chaney's barking in hell."

"True Grit" was remade and released in 2010 from a film of the same name released in 1969. While the more recent film starred Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld, the original movie starred John Wayne and Kim Darby.


After saving a village from bandits, a gunfighter declares, "The old man was right. Only the farmers won. We lost. We always lose." Is this a quote you can match to the correct film?

When "The Magnificent Seven" was released in 1960, it was pitched as an original idea. However, the story for the film was actually taken from Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai," which had been released six years prior.


After being criticized for shooting an unarmed man, Bill Munny replies, "He should have armed himself if he's gonna decorate his saloon with my friend." Can you identify the movie?

By 1992, when "Unforgiven" was released, Clint Eastwood had already begun directing many of his own movies. However, "Unforgiven" is easily one of his greatest films, as it won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. As the star of the film, Eastwood was also nominated for Best Actor during the Academy Awards.


Sometimes fable is better than fact, evident by the line "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend" that appears in which Western?

Tom Doniphon, John Wayne's character in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," was supposed to be 30 years younger than Wayne was at the time of shooting. It's believed that the film was shot in black and white, despite technicolor being available, to hide Wayne's age.


In the West, a gun is the most important tool for either a lawman or an outlaw. Are you familiar with the movie that discusses the importance of a gun with this quote: "A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that."?

By the time "Shane" was released in 1953, Jean Arthur was already a veteran in the film business, with a filmography that stretched back to 1923. "Shane" would end up being her final film appearance, as she retired following the movie.


In a classic Western based on a novel, Captain Clayton says, "Yeah, and I figure on getting myself unsurrounded" while being ambushed by Native Americans. What's the Western?

"The Searchers" follows a Civil War veteran in search of his niece after Native Americans abduct her. The man's niece, Debbie, was played by Natalie Wood, who was still in high school when the film was shot. One of the star actors, John Wayne, occasionally picked her up from school during days she was on set.


Which Western proves that even outlaws have a code with the following line: "When you side with a man, you stay with him. And if you can't do that, you're like some animal, you're finished."?

The idea for "The Wild Bunch," which features a group of aging outlaws who attempt to complete one last job, came from Roy N. Sickner. Before developing the idea, Sickner had worked on commercials as the Marlboro Man, which served as inspiration for the film.


How well do you know the movie that captures the humanity of Native Americans in the West with quotes like: "Nothing I have been told about these people is correct. They are not thieves or beggars. They are not the bogeymen they are made out to be."?

Instead of writing a screenplay, the creator of "Dances with Wolves," Michael Blake, turned his idea into a novel. He believed that producers would be more willing to get behind a novel than a screenplay because the idea was more fleshed out.


The West can be brutal, and sometimes it's best to walk away. Dan Evans knows that when he says, "When you think about it, which I have been lately, is they weren't paying me to walk away. They were paying me so they could walk away." Can you identify the movie this quote's from?

Despite being set in the United States during the 19th century, "3:10 to Yuma" stars two foreign actors: Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Crowe is from New Zealand, while Bale is from Wales.


"Don't that picture look dusty?" are the last words of one of the main characters in which Western?

There have been plenty of stories about Jesse James and his escapades in the West, but no film captures the outlaw quite like "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." The film tells the story of James' last days as he tries to revive his gang amid betrayal and chaos.


When discussing how Mike King thinks he owns the railroad, a character in which movie says, "Oh? I don't think he knows that."?

Since there are multiple segments taking place over several generations in "How the West Was Won," three directors were used to create the film. Those directors were John Ford, Henry Hathaway and George Marshall.


In what movie does Stella believe people should stand up for themselves when she says, "Some people think because they're stronger or meaner, they can push you around. But it's only true if you let it be. The world is what you make of it."?

One of the most recognized parts of "Silverado" was its sound and score, which were both nominated at the 58th Academy Awards. However, the film "Out of Africa" won the awards in both categories.


One of the most famous lines from which Spaghetti Western is: "There are two kinds of people: those with guns and those who do the digging", but where is it from?

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" was the third film in Sergio Leone's "Dollars" trilogy. These films helped establish an entirely new Western genre, known as the Spaghetti Westerns because Italians directed them.


After his partner gets sick watching a man get ripped apart by dogs, the title character of what movie says, "I'm just a little more used to Americans than he is"?

According to Quentin Tarantino, the scene with the dogs was supposed to be much longer and include even more violence. However, Tarantino didn't want to traumatize the audience completely, so the scenes were shortened.


Match the quote to the movie: "No telling if there's been a crime, but this country's seen a fair amount of disagreements over the years."

Considered a Neo-Western, "Lone Star" is set in the present day instead of in the Old West, like most movies in the Western genre. However, the film still follows traditional Western themes, such as taking place in the American West and the struggle for justice.


In a comedic take on the Western genre, a wanted man holds up his poster and declares, "Misanthrope? I don't hate my fellow man, even when he's tiresome and surly and tries to cheat at poker. I figure that's just a human material, and him that finds in it cause for anger and dismay is just a fool for expecting better." What's the film?

In "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs," there's a scene where Scruggs is playing poker, and he holds a decent hand consisting of Aces and Eights. However, according to superstition, this is the "Dead Man's Hand" because it's believed to be the hand Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was killed.


"Starting fresh always sounds good when you're in trouble." Have you seen the Western where this quote comes from?

Clint Eastwood found trouble of his own when filming "Pale Rider," as he suffered a dislocated shoulder during an accident on set. The injury was the result of his horse throwing him off after falling through a thin layer of ice.


Do you know the film where Leslie tries to establish herself on her husband's ranch when she says, "I can't be just a guest in my husband's house"?

He was a rising star at the time, and James Dean was one of the three leading actors in "Giant," which would end up being his last leading role. Dean was killed in a car crash a year before the film was released.


How well do you know the revisionist Western that this quote is from: "Sometimes I envy the finality of death. The certainty. And I have to drive those thoughts away when I'm weak."?

"Hostiles" is a revisionist Western that was directed by Scott Cooper and stars Christian Bale, but it's not the first time these two teamed up on a film. They had previously worked on "Out of the Furnace," though "Hostiles" received more praise than their former movie.


When referring to the dishonesty of a local sheriff, Monco says, "I think you people need a new sheriff." Do you know the movie this quote appears in?

Since Sergio Leone switched producers between his first and second film in the "Dollars" trilogy, he had to rename his main character as well. However, the original producers believed they owned the rights to the character either way, but an Italian court decided that the character's persona was public domain.


Have you seen the movie where a bounty hunter discusses a letter from Abraham Lincoln by saying: "The only time black folks are safe is when white folks is disarmed. And this letter had the desired effect of disarming white folks."?

Occasionally, Westerns rely heavily on plot and ignore the characters that drive the story, but that certainly isn't the case for "The Hateful Eight." The plot revolves around a bounty hunter delivering a fugitive to justice, but the cast of characters add complexity around every turn.


Can you identify the film that captures how unpredictable life can be when a character states, "But life has a way of making the foreseeable that which never happens, and the unforeseeable that which your life becomes"?

Ed Harris was a seasoned actor but had only directed one movie when he stepped onto the set of "Appaloosa." His second film didn't disappoint, as it vividly captures a love triangle that rivals any in the Western genre.


Match the quote to the film: "Yeah, I was a soldier once, and it taught me a lesson. Don't get into a fight you know you're gonna lose."

Directed by Kristian Levring, a Danish director, "The Salvation" twist the Western genre slightly by telling the story of Danish immigrants coming to the United States during the 19th century. To add to its Danish roots, the film also stars Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.


How well do you know the film this line is from: "Say goodbye to my wife, I'll say hello to yours"?

Most films, especially period pieces, take months of filming to complete, but that wasn't the case for "Bone Tomahawk." Working with a tight budget, shooting on the film was finished in only 21 days.


It's hard to know what really matters in the West. Which film expresses the importance of friendship with this quote: "Friendship is the most valuable thing a man can have. It's worth more than money, land, horses or cattle. It might be the only thing you never forget."?

It's widely accepted that Butch Cassidy was killed in 1908 in a shootout in Bolivia, but there is speculation that he survived the ordeal. "Blackthorn" tells the story of Cassidy surviving the shootout and retreating to a village where he lived for the next 20 years.


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