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We all have those embarrassing throwback school pictures. Envision the long lines in the gymnasium, the outrageous outfits, the out of touch colorful laser backdrop and the over the top hairstyles that screamed, "I'm sorry, my mom dressed me!"

Some hairstyles will never leave pop culture, the beautiful pixie cut, Farrah Fawcetts feathered bangs, Janet Jackson's box braid extensions and the lovely voluminous Afro. Whether it was the whale spout ponytail or the reverse fade, these hairstyles will give you a laugh or two, but don't be afraid to laugh at all 40. This quiz will supply you with a healthy mix of both the ageless and the ridiculous.

How many of these throwback hairstyles can you identify? Or better yet, how many have you and your friends worn? This quiz might have you asking why you ever wore your hair that way when you were young. You might even wonder why anyone wore their hair that way. It might also give inspiration for a new hairstyle with a classic twist, like the crop, which has been remixed several times throughout the decades. Find out fascinating tidbits, like which crop hairstyle was named after an English boarding school for boys, despite being worn mostly by women. It's time to let your hair down, and quiz away!

This hairstyle hasn't come back since it left. Somehow, uncle Jessie from "Full House" managed to make it look good. Can you name this hairstyle?

The Oxford English Dictionary gives The Beastie Boys credit for making this hairstyle popular after the release of their song, "Mullet Head," in 1994. The mullet was just hitting its peak of popularity at that time.


Cicely Tyson made a stunning debut with this hairstyle in 1963. What do you call this low-maintenance crown?

Cicely Tyson shocked her director when she walked on set with her short Afro. The night before she had long, straight hair. This style is achieved by cutting the hair really low and shampooing it until it returns to its natural state.


This haircut shares a name with a famous 1970s rug. Do you know its name?

This cut can be worn short, like Jane Fonda's famous look, or long, like the rocker diva Stevie Nicks. The choppy shag cut is achieved by creating intense choppy layers in no particular pattern.


Sometimes it's best to keep it all up top. Can you guess the name of this top-heavy haircut?

The secret to achieving the ideal flattop is on the sides. The shorter the cut is on the sides, the more square the flattop appears. Some barbers get creative and cut the top into different shapes.


Farrah Fawcett had every girl in the '70s wanting these luscious bangs. What were these heart-stopping face framers called?

"Charlie's Angels" would have been just another TV show without Farrah Fawcett and her feathered bangs. This hairstyle became her signature. Since then, feathered bangs have taken on a life of their own.


This haircut has been revamped several times since the legendary model, Twiggy, debuted it. What name does this classic cut go by?

A pixie cut is worn with the front of the hair longer than the sides and the back. Classic celebrities like Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn and the timeless fairy, Tinkerbell, put their own spin on it.


In order to be a heartthrob in the '50s, this hairstyle was a must. Can you name the hairstyle every guy was asking his barber for?

The pompadour cut is all about drama. The front of the hair is styled with volume and height, and the sides and back are cut short. Celebrities like Elvis and the Fonz, played by Henry Winkler on "Happy Days," made this hairstyle popular.


Janet Jackson was a stunning beauty with this 1990s hairstyle in the movie, "Poetic Justice." What do you call these luscious locks?

Individual box braids are unique from traditional individual braids because the hair is parted in neat boxes or squares. These braids can range from really small boxes to jumbo-sized boxes.


If you can recall a female icon from the 1920s, chances are she sported this hairdo. Which choice below is the correct name for this iconic haircut?

The pringle shingle is a memorable version of the classic bob. In 1925, Aileen Pringle shocked Hollywood when she debuted her new shingled bob cut. The hairstyle was coined the pringle shingle.


Can you name this slick hairdo that Josephine Baker wore as she danced around the stage in her banana skirt?

The bob has several variations, but the Eton crop is probably the slickest and shortest of them all. It's named after Eton English School because the boys there wore their hair in a similar style.


Flapper girls broke the rules with their short dresses and their short hair. Can you name this rebel hairstyle?

Marcel waves, similar to finger waves, are created by using hot curling tongs to make deep loose waves on short hair. Francois Marcel, a famous french hairstylist, invented the curling technique in 1872.


The 1960s were full of everything, especially hair! Can you tell us what this powerful hairstyle is called.

Every short Afro has dreams of becoming a big Afro. This style is achieved by shampooing the hair and combing it in an outward motion to create height, volume and stretch out the natural coils.


As a queen of Egypt, her hair was as much of a statement as her position. What was this legendary hairstyle called?

Cleopatra's gilded braids were unique because of the blunt bangs and gold jewels. While there is no proof that she actually wore her hair this way, pop culture made the hairstyle Cleopatra's own.


Once popular in the 1940s, this hairstyle was a wedding favorite. What name does it go by?

Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican painter, created several self-portraits styled in these milkmaid braids. During World War II, these braids were also popular because they were low-maintenance and didn't require shampooing every day. Shampoo was among the products that were either rationed or hard to come by during that time.


Bob Marley made this his signature hairstyle. What do you call this long, luscious crown?

Dreadlocks have been around for hundreds — perhaps even thousands — of years. Dreadlocks have no clear origination, but Rastafarians have made them a spiritual statement rather than a fashion statement.


Worn by men and women, this hairstyle is also the name of a tasty vegetable. Can you tell us its name?

Cornrows can be created by braiding the natural hair very close to the scalp in an underhand or overhand motion. This hairstyle has been around for thousands of years, with origins dating back to ancient Africa.


There are several ways to achieve beautiful bouncy curls. Can you name the style that makes them last longer?

French stylist Marcel Grateau invented the curly perm in 1870. He called it the "long-lasting hair waving technique." This style is created by using curling rods on the hair in combination with a perm cream.


A classic hairstyle never goes out of style. This beauty has had a recent comeback. Can you name this timeless hairstyle?

This hairstyle set waves in the 1920s and '30s. Stars like Bette Davis and Anita Paige made it a classic. You get this style by using a strong hold gel, a comb and your fingers to create swooping waves on shorter hair.


The Spice Girls sported this futuristic hairdo. Can you name this double dose bun hairstyle?

Space buns have recently made a comeback since their debut in the late 1990s. The style was made famous by the Spice Girls, but some attribute the popularity of the style to Princess Leia from "Star Wars."


Hairstylists in the '90s were probably overbooked with appointments for this hairdo Whats the name of this slightly colored hair?

Highlights didn't start in the '90s, but they made a new home there. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Cindy Crawford and even boy band 'N Sync, brought this hairstyle to the front lines in pop culture.


Named after the character who wore it, this haircut was just as famous as the TV show it appeared on. What is the name of this famous cut?

Often called the haircut of the '90s, this hairstyle is achieved by using a round brush and blow dryer to create volume on the choppy layers. Surprisingly, Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel on "Friends," didn't care for the haircut.


Marilyn Monroe took this hairstyle and made it her own by pairing it with her bleach blonde color. Can you name this short, curly style?

There are many versions of the bob, and this is one of them. Achieve this look by giving the traditional bob short beach waves. The key to this hairstyle is layers that are properly cut.


The 1920s Hollywood film scene was full of girls with curls. What is the name of this particular curly hairdo?

Pin curls were first introduced as a low-cost hairstyle for women during the Great Depression. After the Depression, Hollywood movie stars took the look to the big screen and made it a classic.


Can you name this sexy hairdo that was made popular by pin-up models in the '40s?

This hairstyle has been worn in several ways. One of the most famous styles is a double pin-up in the front with half the hair down in the back. Get the pin-up look by rolling the hair inwards while tucking it with pins.


A 1980s hair spray brand is responsible for this style. What is the name of these outrageously voluminous bangs?

In the '80s, the higher the bangs were, the cooler you were. These bangs were named after the hairspray that was often used to create it. Get this look by using hairspray to lift the roots as high as you can.


Can you tell us the name of this hairstyle which is also the name of Beyonce's fan club?

The beehive is sometimes called the B-52 due to its resemblance to the nose of the Boeing B-52 bomber. The beehive is achieved by pulling the hair on top of the head into a beehive shape.


This haircut puts a fun twist on the classic layered cut. Can you tell us the name of this style?

The gypsy cut puts a fun free-spirited twist on the traditional layered cut. It gave pop culture a Bohemian vibe. Achieve this look by cutting uneven layers and using a blow dryer to bring extra volume.


Bettie Page turned several heads in this safe but flirty haircut. Do you know the name of this show-stopping style?

The pageboy haircut is named after the pudding basin haircut traditionally worn by late medieval page boys. It gained popularity during the '50s. Fetish model Bettie Page stamped this as her signature look.


Let's throw it back to the '80s with this overflowing ponytail. Can you pick out the right name for this hairstyle?

Singer Debbie Gibson wore this hairstyle with pride in the '80s. She didn't invent it, but she put her stamp on it. Get an updated version of this look by using a loose-fitting hair tie to add volume.


Almost every housewife in the '60s had this hairstyle. What's the name of this bouncy hairdo?

If you ever watched "The Brady Bunch" then you've seen Carol Brady sport this famous hairstyle. Get the bubble flip look by using a flat iron to flip up the ends in a tight curl. This style is usually done on a bob.


Look again if you think this is a French braid. Can you name this beautiful braid style?

A fishtail braid is similar to a French braid except that two sections of hair are used instead of three. This gives the braid a woven or fishtail look. In the 19th century, the style was referred to as a Grecian braid.


If hip hop had a signature hairstyle in the late '80s and early '90s, this would be it. Can you choose the right name for this haircut?

Similar to a flat top, a hi-top fade begins with the sides and back cut low or off. The top is left long, usually in a square shape. This hi-top fade trend began in the 1980s and is still worn today.


The middle child would be an appropriate nickname for this hairstyle, but can you tell us its official name?

Art dating back to 600 BCE shows Scythian warriors wearing this hairstyle, but it gets its name from an indigenous tribe of the Mohawk nation in North America and parts of Canada.


We're taking it back to the '90s with this question. Can you name this hair accessory-crazed hairstyle?

These hair accessories were so popular in the '90s that it was deemed an actual hairstyle. Celebrities like Brittney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the Olsen twins took the look mainstream.


The '50s were full of gel, grease and this hairstyle. What do you call this slick hairdo?

The jelly roll was one of many haircuts in the '50s that required a lot of gel and grease. Get this look by using a thick pomade to hold the rolls in place. The sides and back are kept short.


This hairstyle has had a few comebacks since it first emerged in the 1950s. Can you tell us the name it goes by?

During the British Teddy Boy movement of the 1950s, the quiff haircut was considered a staple hairstyle. The modern quiff is worn shorter than the 1950s version of the hairstyle.


Can you pick the name of this haircut that also shares its name with a famous silent movie star?

This hairstyle is named after the famous 1920s silent film actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. It became popular in the late 1920s as Fairbanks' movie career began to rise. Both men and women wore the haircut.


The feature part of this hairstyle is the piece of hair that sticks up. What is this hairstyle called?

This hairstyle is achieved by taking any piece of hair, usually towards the front or on the crown, and gel it straight up or in a completely different direction from the rest of the hair.


Can you name the haircut that "The Three Stooges" famously wore?

A bowl cut is achieved by cutting the hair in a straight fringe the same length all around to create the shape of a bowl. The bangs are sometimes cut shorter than the back and sides.


This popular 1980s hairstyle had everyone dripping in curl activator. What's the name of this shiny hairdo?

Hairstylist Jheri Redding created this hairstyle in the 1980s as an alternative to the relaxer. The style was created as a way to easily manage naturally curly hair. This hairstyle requires a two-step application process.


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