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In the 1980s, film fans were given some of the most intense (and sometimes cheesy) dramatic movies of all time, along with some of the most iconic comedies ever. The actors who starred in these films were Hollywood's elite. They were teens and 20-somethings who redefined the term cool. They were known as the Brat Pack. These young actors could get into any club across the country, enjoying the best of the best when it came to food, lodging and vacationing. Why? Because they were the stars of every hit film the decade had to offer, and there was no stopping them. 

The members of the Brat Pack included Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy. Additionally, some include James Spader, Kevin Bacon and Robert Downey Jr. on this list. These A-list actors of the '80s turned every film they touched into gold. They were the Hollywood elite, and they were young and good at what they did. Their movies were intangible and gained cult followings across the country. During the last few decades, these actors have gone on to great success.

If you think you know Brat Pack films as we do, we dare you to take this quiz. Let's see just how much you remember.

Which of these movies is considered a Brat Pack movie, even though it doesn't star any members of the pack?

"The Lost Boys" is a vampire movie that stars Kiefer Sutherland and the Coreys (Haim and Feldman). Though none of these actors were members of the Brat Pack, they certainly made their presence known on the Hollywood scene.


In which Brat Pack movie do we see five members (Anthony Michael Hall, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy) serving detention?

"The Breakfast Club" was a full-on Brat Pack party. Not only did we get to see these actors in their prime, we were also given a movie that broke the barriers set by the social norms of the day.


In which movie does Rob Lowe play Sodapop and Emilio Estevez play Two-Bit?

No matter which generation you come from, you probably recognize "The Outsiders" from your middle school class (and you may have watched the movie instead of reading the book).


Can you name the member of the Brat Pack who played Jules Van Patten in "St. Elmo's Fire" in 1985?

Because Demi Moore has had a very successful career since her time with the crew, few remember that she was a member of the Brat Pack in the '80s. Other films she has been in include "St. Elmo's Fire" and "About Last Night ..."


Where do Jake and Samatha sit with a birthday cake in "Sixteen Candles"?

The dining room table seems like the perfect place to sit, even though there are chairs all around it. However, no one can deny that the end shot of the movie with the epic freeze frame was worth the danger of putting people and a cake on the table at the same time.


What does Allison do to change at the end of "The Breakfast Club"?

While there are several movies from the '80s and early '90s that tell people a little makeup and new clothes can get you a man, "The Breakfast Club" gives us one of the most forced and fast instances of this. Once Allison puts on makeup, she gets Andrew's attention, and they end up together.


In "The Breakfast Club" what is Claire's special ability?

Bender's negative side comes out quite a bit when the group is sitting around talking to each other, and his reaction to Claire putting on her lipstick by holding it in her bra made others react to him.


At the end of "The Breakfast Club," what does Claire give to John Bender?

High school love is a very simple thing. Giving your significant other a token of that love shows that you care about them. In the film, Claire is of a higher social status than Bender, and she gives him an earring to show how much she cares about him.


In "Sixteen Candles," who does Samantha have a crush on?

While this might be the oddest love story of all time (the characters don't really have any interaction with each other throughout the film), it is definitely an interesting take on how dreams really can come true.


Why is Samantha's sister acting weird at her wedding in "Sixteen Candles"?

Samantha's sister takes muscle relaxers before her wedding to subside the terrible cramps that she has. This leads to a lot of falling and an inebriated demeanor as she gets ready and walks down the aisle.


What does Ferris Bueller get for his birthday instead of a car?

There are some who argue that "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is not considered a Brat Pack movie. However, others say that Matthew Broderick was an important part of the Brat Pack, and this movie stands as one of the best films portraying American youth.


Why is Allison in detention in "The Breakfast Club"?

Allison is the "weirdo" in "The Breakfast Club." She doesn't like her parents because they ignore her, and it is implied that she went to detention to get a little attention from them, which did not work.


Which Brat Pack member was NOT in "St. Elmo's Fire"?

Although they were in several films with fellow Brat Pack members, Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald were not seen in "St. Elmo's Fire," which included nearly every other member of the group.


What does Bender ask Vernon that lands him in detention in "The Breakfast Club"?

While we watch Bender spiral out of control as Vernon gives him two months' worth of detention, we are a little shocked. However, we later learn about his family life, and we can assume that he'd rather be there than at home.


In "Sixteen Candles," what did Anthony Michael Hall's character ask to borrow from Molly Ringwald's character?

Anthony Michael Hall plays "the geek" in "Sixteen Candles." When he gets Sam's (Molly Ringwald) underpants, he charges his friends and the younger kids $1 each to view them.


Rob Lowe and Ally Sheedy star in which Brat Pack film from 1984?

"Oxford Blues" is about a man trying to con his way into Oxford because he wants to get the attention of a girl. Luckily, he's a great con man who grew up in Las Vegas.


Who does Claire end up with at the end of "The Breakfast Club"?

"The Breakfast Club" has someone to represent every stereotypical high school clique, and it shows them interacting with each other and learning about each other. At the end of the movie, Claire (the rich good girl) ends up with John Bender (the poor kid with a bad attitude).


Who are the two competing groups in "The Outsiders"?

"The Outsiders" was based on the 1967 novel written by S.E. Hinton. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and had a heavy cast of actors who would become incredibly famous soon after the movie's release. It is considered one of the earliest Brat Pack movies.


What was Anthony Michael Hall's character's name in "Sixteen Candles"?

Though he is simply known as and referred to as "the geek" in most circles (and on most websites), the character has a name. His nickname in the movie is "Farmer Ted" as well.


In what movie did Rob Lowe play a hockey player next to Patrick Swayze?

In full swing of the coming-of-age movies that Rob Lowe was doing as a member of the Brat Pack, he did an intense film about becoming a hockey star. "Youngblood" (1986) was gritty and didn't follow the teen drama formula by any means.


In "Weird Science," what is the first question Lisa asks Wyatt and Gary?

When two boys get together to create the perfect woman with their computer, things get a little out of hand. "Weird Science" is a cult classic for those who were into computers back in the day. It stars Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall.


Do you remember the Brat Pack movie that starred Andrew McCarthy and Robert Downey Jr.?

"Less Than Zero" is the story of a young man returning home for break after his first semester of college. The film focuses on the extremely rich life of the youth of America, particularly in Los Angeles in the 1980s.


How long did it take John Hughes to write "Sixteen Candles"?

The story goes that John Hughes met Molly Ringwald and spoke with her for a little bit. He went home and wrote "Sixteen Candles" over a Fourth of July weekend because he was so inspired by her presence.


In "St. Elmo's Fire," what does Kevin own that's a little weird?

Kevin is a pretty odd character all around. He definitely has some of the most interesting lines in the movie, and though the character is a little off, most writers are, so it shouldn't come as a surprise.


What is the name of Andrew McCarthy's character in "Class"?

"Class" is very much like a mix between "Dead Poet's Society" and "Cougartown." It's about two young prep school students who get into a little bit of trouble chasing older ladies.


Can you name the movie starring John Cusack, in which Demi Moore plays a hippie?

Though John Cusack isn't considered a member of the Brat Pack (even though he starred in several similar films through the '80s), Demi Moore is in this movie, and since she is a part of the group, "One Crazy Summer" is considered a Brat Pack movie.


Do you remember Duckie's real name in "Pretty in Pink"?

Duckie has an obvious crush on his best friend, Andie. The film was originally written to have the two end up together. However, audiences wanted to see Andie end up with Blane.


Which two Brat Packers were in "Fresh Horses"?

Love stories can get weird if the writer is trying to avoid following the formulas of a typical love story. However, no matter how much you're trying to avoid those formulas, they come through, as they did in "Fresh Horses."


Andrew McCarthy played Matt Larkin alongside Molly Ringwald (who played Jewel) in which movie?

"Fresh Horses" is the story of an engineering student who falls in love. However, the girl he falls in love with (Molly Ringwald) has several rumors going around about her, including the fact that she's married and only 16 years old.


Do you know the name of Emilio Estevez's character in "St. Elmo's Fire"?

"St. Elmo's Fire" is a romantic drama that highlights the lives of college graduates. Kirby has big dreams of being a lawyer, but for now, he has to settle on being a waiter.


Do you remember the name of the record store where Andie worked in "Pretty in Pink"?

Though Andie's family doesn't have a lot of money, she does have a pretty cool job. The record store where she works is called Trax, and it's run by her friend Iona (played by Annie Potts).


How many dresses does Andie use to make her prom dress in "Pretty in Pink"?

Andie uses her mom's old dress and a dress given to her by her friend to create the dress for her prom. Because Andie's character doesn't come from a lot of money, she has to learn to be resourceful.


Can you name the 1984 film that starred Demi Moore and Jon Cryer?

When a high school student and aspiring photographer meets up with a 22-year-old night club singer, what could possibly go wrong? This is one of those movies that would be considered scandalous if the gender roles were reversed.


Where are Wyatt and Chet's parents when they're left home alone?

Having parents go on vacation seems like too easy of a way to get rid of them to make this movie possible. Therefore, Wyatt and Chet's parents are in Cincinnati with Wyatt's sister, meeting her fiance.


Where do the nerds in "Weird Science" get the name for the girl they create?

The name Lisa comes from the computer that was released by Apple in 1983. When you consider the fact that this computer was named after Steve Jobs' daughter, things get a little weird, so just look away.


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