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Quiz shows are arguably one of the most popular genres of game-show television. From that mix comes the well-known series hosted by the infamous Alex Trebek called "Jeopardy!" This show introduces its three contestants to a variety of topics, ranging in monetary value based on difficulty. The blue screens are recognizable by almost anyone, but what is it like to actually see them in person? Have you ever wondered how well you would do at the buzzer? Would you crack under pressure or find yourself in the Winner's Circle? 

Nerves are only half the battle. Each "Jeopardy!" contestant has to have a certain amount of smarts to do well on this show. Do you know the deepest point on our planet without consulting your nearest encyclopedia? Can you name the capital of Croatia without batting an eye? Put your vast knowledge to the test and see how well you would do on "Jeopardy!" without even leaving the couch. This quiz may not have Alex Trebek, but through the thirty-five questions, you'll know if you made it to Final Jeopardy or not. Will you be the next Ken Jennings? Or will you collapse under the pressure? Take this quiz to find out!

Many of the first popular soda brands were invented by individuals in what career?

Three of the most popular soda brands were all invented by pharmacists. Coca-Cola was invented by John Pemberton, Dr. Pepper was created by Charles Alderton and Pepsi was developed by Caleb Bradham.


This patriotic symbol is printed on all of the currency for the United States.

Some representation of an eagle appears on all currency minted for the United States. Another commonality among the various forms of currency is the Latin saying, "E Pluribus Unum."


As per British law, Queen Elizabeth II owns all of this species' unclaimed members found in the waters of Wales and England.

The Queen owns all the swans found in England and Wales that don't otherwise have an owner. The law initially came to exist in medieval times, but the current monarch keeps the tradition alive.


3,333,360 points is the highest score you can get in this classic game.

The highest score one can achieve in "Pac-Man" is over three million. Introduced to the video game market in 1980, this classic video game was inspired by pizza! The creator was said to have gotten Pac-Man's shape from a pizza with a slice missing.


This was the fastest car on the road as of 2019, clocking in at 261 miles per hour.

The Bugatti Chiron Sport is the fastest car on the road, but competitors are looking to change that. The developers behind the Hennessey Venom F5 are positive that once their vehicle is finished, it will clock out at over 300 mph.


Prior to his dessert-inspired name, this was Cookie Monster's initial name.

Cookie Monster's original name was Sid. This was first made known to fans in a Sesame Street episode that aired in 2004. Cookie Monster sang about his life before he began consuming cookies.


World War I is responsible for changing this women-centered industry forever.

In an effort to use less metal, the U.S. War Industries Board suggested that corsets no longer be worn by women. By switching to bras, American women were able to lessen their metal consumption enough to build two battleships!


There are more than 4 billion mobile phone owners on the planet, but only an astounding 3.5 billion use this common, everyday item.

There are more people with a mobile phone than those who choose to use a toothbrush on a daily basis. The toothbrush has been around since 1938, and yet, there are still people who don't use one!


While the DeLorean has become a staple in the "Back to the Future" franchise, this household appliance was originally going to be the time machine.

The original time-machine concept for the "Back to the Future" movies was going to be based on a refrigerator. The creators decided against it for fear that their audience would try to recreate the time machine.


The electric chair was invented by a man with this job.

The creator of the electric chair, Alfred Southwick, was a dentist! Prior to the chair's first use in 1890, hangings were a popular means of execution. Southwick saw his invention as a more humane way to execute people.


This man is known as the Father of the Nation in India.

Mahatma Gandhi is referred to in India as the Father of the Nation. He is most popular for leading the country against British control of India and making way for the nationalist movement.


This founding father received only two years of formal education. He left school to join the family business: soap and candle-making.

It was Benjamin Franklin who had only a few years of formal schooling. Before he made his way in the print business, he could be found in his family's business, making soap and candles.


This body part has the highest concentration of bones in the human body.

The human hand has the most bones of any other body part in the skeletal system, with 27 bones in each hand. The foot is a close second since each foot has 26 bones. Together, a set of hands and feet contain more than 50% of the number of bones in a human body.


Along a part of Route 66 that goes through New Mexico, this patriotic song can be heard through the vibrations from your car.

A small section of Route 66 in New Mexico can play "America the Beautiful" through the vibrations of a car as one drives along the quarter-mile piece of road. A precise 45 mph is needed to hear the tune.


If you have multiple DUIs in the state of Ohio, your car will have this identifying quality.

People charged with multiple DUIs in Ohio are required to have yellow license plates. This odd-colored license plate is also required for anyone who has a BAC that is twice the legal limit.


Queen Elizabeth II keeps busy ruling a country, but she's also responsible for inventing this.

Queen Elizabeth II tends to prefer corgis over any other dog, which is how she became the creator of a new dog breed! The Queen is said to have invented the "dorgi," which is a cross between a dachshund and a corgi.


While this social media term has become wildly popular in the last decade, it was actually first used in 1659.

The term "unfriended" has been around much longer than one might think. It started as "unbefriended" in 1629 but became known as the term we know today when it was printed in Thomas Fuller's 1659 book, "The Appeal of Injured Innocence."


While vacationing in Montana can be idyllic, people avoid Berkeley Pit lake for this reason.

Berkeley Pit, located in Montana, contains a massive amount of chemicals within its water, as it was formerly an open pit mine. This lethal mixture contains arsenic, copper and cadmium, to name a few. It has been known to char the internal organs of geese!


The rainforests of the Amazon Basin are home to this creature, the smallest monkey in the world.

The pygmy marmoset is the tiniest monkey species found in the world. They weigh approximately 3.5 ounces. They typically live in groups of about six, which collectively help raise any offspring.


Though famous for his role in the Holocaust and World War II, Hitler surprisingly never did this activity.

Adolf Hitler never visited a concentration camp. He avoided such activities, and there is even a rumor he looked the other way when his transport train would cross paths with a train transporting Jewish people to the camps.


The first commercial to appear on television was aired on July 1, 1941, advertising for a company that sold this product.

The first commercial to air on television was for a watch company located in New York, called Bulova. The commercial was 10 seconds long, cost $9 dollars for the spot and aired just before a baseball game.


Casu marzu is cheese with this unique defining characteristic.

Casu marzu would not be the cheese it is without its maggots! Flies are allowed to lay their eggs on the product and then eat and digest it. This gives it a pungent flavor that can leave a burning sensation on the tongue.


Albert Einstein married Mileva Maric, and they had two sons. Before their legal union, this is the name they gave to their illegitimate daughter.

Einstein had a daughter out of wedlock named Lieserl. Historians did not know of her birth prior to examining Einstein's private files in the 1980s. Her fate is undetermined, as no one knows for sure what happened to her.


While Johnny Cash sang the famous tune, "A Boy Named Sue" was actually written by what children's author?

The popular children's author, Shel Silverstein, wrote "A Boy Named Sue." Silverstein also wrote "Where the Sidewalk Ends," "A Light in the Attic" and "The Giving Tree." He is also credited with writing other popular songs.


Prior to becoming "Gmail", the email service was named after this cartoon animal.

The original name of Gmail was Garfield Mail. In the 1990s, users could get emails with the ending "" The slogan for the email service was "e-mail with attitude."


While most people would think that pornography sites carry the most computer viruses, it is actually this type of site that puts your computer at greater risk.

Based on the findings of a study by Symantec, there was a 300% increase in malware found on religious sites compared to pornographic ones. Researchers believe this is because pornographic sites need to make money, so it's in their best interest to keep their sites safe.


If you're looking to fall in love at first sight, you'll have the best chance with a member of this profession.

Flight attendants are the most likely profession to be fallen in love with at first sight. They even beat out exotic dancers! Perhaps it has to do with those free pretzels they hand out?


This candy, invented in Vienna, Austria, was made to be an alternative to smoking.

Pez, invented by Eduard Hass III, was made to be a smoking alternative. The name comes from the German word for peppermint, which is "pfefferminz." By taking a letter from the beginning, middle and end, Hass coined the name "Pez."


This is the name given to the deepest point on Earth.

The deepest point on our planet is called the Challenger Deep. It's located in the Marianas Trench, which is found in the Pacific Ocean. The point itself is measured to be 36,070 feet below sea level.


The popular popping shipping material, Bubble wrap, was originally intended for this purpose.

The creators of bubble wrap, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, originally tried to market their product as wallpaper. Upon realizing it could be used for shipping purposes, their first big client became IBM, which needed to ship fragile computers.


The beloved canine companion, Toto, was instead originally this animal in the stage version of "The Wizard of Oz".

In the earliest versions of the stage-adapted version of "The Wizard of Oz," instead of Dorothy's companion being her dog, Toto, it was originally a cow! The cow's stage name was Imogene.


President Nixon was at this famous location when he spoke his infamous words, "I am not a crook."

Nixon said, "I am not a crook" while speaking to a crowd at Disney World. It was during this time that he was facing backlash due to the Watergate scandal. He ended the quote with, "I have earned everything I have got."


Prior to writing the literary hit "The Da Vinci Code", Dan Brown pursued a career in this.

That's right, the famous author Dan Brown tried his hand at becoming a pop star! Prior to writing bestselling novels, the author worked as a pop singer and songwriter in California.


If we gave you exactly a moment to answer this question, it would be this amount of time.

A moment is equivalent to ninety seconds. During Medieval Europe, this time allotment was a common phrase, but it actually held meaning, as a moment is said to be 1/40th of an hour.


Used today as a means of eye protection and fashion accessory, sunglasses were originally used to help members of what career?

Sunglasses were used initially by judges! First used in 12th-century China, the glasses were used to conceal the judge's face while they were interrogating witnesses. This was so they could better hide their emotions.


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