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What brings you joy with each new day? For some people, it might be something as simple as taking a run around the block or spending time with friends. However, the world of beauty is what brings you joy and excitement each day. You love to create new makeup looks every day, all while trying out the latest products and techniques you hear about. While trends and styles are always changing, you live for the opportunity to learn more and try new things.

The beauty world certainly can be daunting with how vast and complex it may sometimes be, but you thrive on a challenge! Basically, makeup, skincare and hair could all be considered an extension of you at this point. While your friends and family might proclaim that you truly are a "beauty addict," do you really know everything about beauty to deserve such a title?

It's time to take a deep dive into all things within the beauty world and test what you know. Let's take a look into products, looks and techniques that you may (or may not) be familiar with. Just remember, we still know you're fabulous no matter what the results are! Let's get your glam on!

Tools are essential to any great makeup look! What is the name of the popular makeup sponge used for blending?

This bright pink sponge is beyond popular for blending out makeup in order to create beautiful looks! The brand was founded by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva and has amassed numerous accolades.


Time to move on to the eyebrows! What product is best for fixing gaps and asymmetrical brows?

Brow pencils are great for those with gaps in their brows or those dealing with asymmetry. This type of product helps brows look sleek yet natural! Choose a pencil that matches your natural brow shade and apply with gentle upward strokes.


It's so important that everyone is able to find a foundation that makes them feel beautiful! Which makeup brand has 50 foundation shades?

Fenty Beauty, the brainchild of singer Rhianna, has 50 shades of foundation available. When asked about her decision to make such a wide array of foundation offerings, Rhianna stated that she wanted her brand to reflect "... women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, and races."


Your hair is another important part of your beauty routine! What does leave-in conditioner do for your hair?

Leave-in conditioner is a great multipurpose tool to have in your hair-care routine. This product combats multiple different hair concerns and lasts all day. No more bad hair days for you!


A beautiful base is critical in creating a new look. What item would help make foundation apply more smoothly and last longer?

Primer is an excellent first step in ensuring foundation lasts the entire day. It also helps foundation look smoother and more natural. Many people also like using primer to make their pores appear smaller.


You've got to tame those eyebrows! What sort of tool should be used to brush out brows?

A spoolie is an essential tool in setting and brushing out your brows before adding any product. Using a spoolie helps create a great beginning to a natural makeup look and assists in taming unruly brows.


You're almost done with your morning makeup routine. Which product helps seal in your makeup?

Using setting spray makes sure that your makeup stays right where you put it. It's perfect for making sure your makeup is just as you like it and will last throughout the entire day.


Why is highlighter important?

Highlighter is a great product that makes your face look brighter and more glowy. Most people will choose to apply highlighter on the cheeks and brow bones, but the options are endless!


You're going for a dramatic look today. What product is best for creating a statement and standout brow?

Brow pomade is a critical tool for creating a dramatic brow! Pomade can be great for those with naturally thick brows since the product makes them look even bolder and more eye-catching.


Every makeup addicts has a few tricks up their sleeve. What does the "baking" makeup technique do?

Baking is an application technique that has you place translucent powder on the areas you've applied concealer. Simply leave the powder on for five to ten minutes and then brush the powder off. The heat of your face helps "bake" in your face makeup and leaves you with a base that won't crease.


Everyone has different preferences for lip products. Which product would be best for a long-lasting lip look?

A matte lipstick is an excellent choice for those looking for a lipstick that can last the entire day. These types of lipsticks are rich and do not need touchups throughout the day.


What is the name of the bestselling red lipstick shade by MAC?

MAC's Retro Matte lipstick in Ruby Woo is one of heir bestselling red lipsticks since its release in 1999. Ruby Woo's cherry-red color is known for being flattering on all skin tones while also lasting all day.


It's so important to keep lips looking and feeling healthy. Which product would give you a bit of color while also keeping your lips moisturized?

A tinted lip balm provides a subtle pop of color while simultaneously keeping your lips healthy and moisturized. This product is excellent for those looking for a natural look and just a touch of color.


What product can help make the outline of lips appear to be fuller?

Lip liners are great for not only making your lips looks more defined but to also makes sure your lipstick lasts as long as possible. Many people also choose to overdraw the shape of their lips to make them look more pronounced.


What's the best way to apply foundation using a makeup blending sponge?

Wetting the makeup blending sponge allows it to not absorb too much of your foundation. Bouncing the sponge across the skin's surface is important in order to attain a flawless finish.


Which person would benefit the most from using a cream blush?

Since cream-based blushes are more hydrating and pigmented than your average powder blush, this type of product would provide a great flush of color and is perfect for someone with a deeper complexion or dry skin.


It's the end of the day, and it's time to take off your makeup. Which of these is not a makeup remover?

There are so many choices you have regarding makeup removers, so you'll definitely find one that's perfect for you! Micellar water, cold cream and makeup wipes are among many different options.


Keeping your skin looking amazing is vital to any beauty routine! What does toner do for your skin?

Toner is a great tool to have in your skincare arsenal! This product cleanses the skin and makes your pores appear to be much smaller, and is put on before you begin applying makeup.


You didn't have enough time this morning to wash your hair. What product would be the best to use when you're in a pinch like this?

If you've simply run out of time, dry shampoo is a great product to turn to when you're between washes. Dry shampoo will absorb dirt and oil in your hair, while also adding texture.


If you're applying concealer under your eyes, what shade should you choose?

Whatever your foundation color is, it's ideal to pick a concealer that is two shades lighter for the area under your eyes. It will make your eyes look brighter; any lighter than that will leave a white residue around your eyes!


So many different people are present within the beauty world. What beauty influencer has released the Blood Sugar and Blue Blood eyeshadow palettes?

Jeffree Star, of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, released his Blood Sugar eyeshadow palette in January 2018. His Blue Blood palette was released in March 2019. Both of these palettes have 18 shades each in a bright array of colors.


What does contouring do to your face?

Contouring allows you to sculpt and define your face's features. For those looking to pull off a perfect contour, powder and cream-based contour products can help you look your best.


Contouring is a great way to add definition! When you're contouring, what shade should you use?

A color that is three shades darker than your skin will provide you with the right amount of definition when you're contouring. Any shade darker or lighter than that will leave you with a less-than-desirable result!


We're all about beautiful brows! Which technique has someone tattoo hair-like strokes in your eyebrows to make them always look amazing?

The goal of microblading is to give someone long-lasting, defined brows that require minimal upkeep. A technician will tattoo semi-permanent hair-like strokes on your brows during this process. On average, microbladed brows should last between one to three years.


If you're applying concealer on your face, what shade should you choose?

If you're applying concealer on your face to mask blemishes or discoloration, it's best to select a shade that matches your foundation. That way, the concealer blends and looks flawless on your skin!


There's so many different makeup brushes in a beauty addict's bag! What would a kabuki brush be used for?

The kabuki brush is quite a versatile tool for working with powdered makeup products! Kabuki brushes are known for their ability to create an airbrushed-looking effect on the skin. This tool can be used to apply foundation, blush and other powders.


Creating new eyeshadow looks can be so much fun! When is it a good idea to use an angled eyeshadow brush?

An angled eyeshadow brush has more dense bristles, which allows people to create a more intense, colorful look around the outer edge of your eye. Using this type of brush also allows the user to create depth within the crease of their eyes.


The right kind of makeup brush can make or break your look. What kind of product would be best for using a fan brush?

For those looking for a more dispersed glow, a fan brush is a great choice for you to use while applying highlighter! This type of brush gives you a soft, spread-out glow wherever you place your highlight.


Have you tried this technique before? What is "tighlining?"

Tightlining is a technique used by many makeup artists. The goal of tightlining is to make someone's eyelashes look thicker and more defined by applying liner to the upper waterline.


Taking care of your skin is so important! Which skincare routine is known for its many steps and products?

Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty, routines and products have become incredibly popular all over the world! K-Beauty routines focus on elevating overall skin health and maintaining skin hydration.


Starting out with great foundation is vital to an amazing look! Which type of foundation would be best for someone with oily skin?

For those with oilier skin types, a powder foundation is an excellent option. This type of foundation doesn't clog your pores and absorbs oil far better than other foundation alternatives.


Which type of eyeliner would be best for creating a cat-eye look?

When you're looking to create a killer cat eye, you should definitely turn to liquid eyeliner! This type of eyeliner is known for producing clean, flawless lines necessary for pulling off this look.


What makeup shop is known for its Beauty Insider program?

Sephora's loyalty program has three tiers for its shoppers: Insider, VIB and Rouge. Program members can enjoy perks like free birthday gifts, extra loyalty points and access member discounts on products.


Sun's out! How often should you be using sunscreen in your skincare routine?

In order to maintain healthy skin, it's recommended that you always wear sunscreen. Even if it's not sunny out, you can still be exposed to harmful UV rays that can lead to further skin damage.


We love bold makeup choices! Which type of eyeliner would be the best for creating a smoky eye look?

Pencil eyeliner is an excellent product to use for making a smoky eye. Since pencil eyeliner can be blended out easier than other eyeliners, it allows for you to easily create a dramatic, smoky effect.


If you're using multiple colors in your eyeshadow look, how would you blend your eyeshadow?

Blending your eyeshadow together with windshield wiper motions ensure that light and dark colors are blended properly. This way, there are no sharp lines and edges in your eyeshadow.


Clean makeup brushes are key! How often should you wash your brushes?

Since you use your makeup brushes so often, it's recommended that you clean makeup brushes once a week with warm water and gentle soap. Uncleaned brushes can be a host to bacteria like E. coli and streptococcus.


A pop of color on the cheeks is a necessary step in any beauty routine. What color of blush looks best on fair skin?

For people with fair complexions, a soft pink blush looks wonderful and is incredibly flattering. Blush in these types of shades is great for creating natural, every-day makeup looks.


We love trying out new hairstyles! What does it mean to have a balayage done?

Balayage is a hair coloring technique that has hairstylists paint hair strands in order to obtain a natural-looking gradient in the hair. It's become wildly popular but it's also expensive; this treatment costs $200 on average!


Taking care of your eyelashes is important! What tool would you use to make eyelashes appear longer and thicker?

An eyelash curler is an essential tool in ensuring your lashes look long and thick! Simply use the curler before you apply your mascara and you'll get a noticeably longer eyelash look.


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