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Forget what you hear in the opening theme to "The Fairly OddParents" ... Timmy is far from the average kid. Sure, he's got typical problems, including a bullying babysitter, an insane teacher and parents who are negligent at best, but Timmy also has some resources at his disposal that the typical kid will never get to use. This fortunate fifth-grader has a pair of fairy godparents by his side 24/7 to grant his every wish, and while the results aren't always what anyone planned, they sure make for great TV!

It would be easy to dismiss "The Fairly OddParents" as just another in a long line of Nickelodeon cartoons, but this magical show stands out among its peers. Sure, shows like "The Simpsons" and "SpongeBob Squarepants" are known for their longevity, but did you know that "OddParents" was in production for around 20 years? That means '90s kids not only got to watch Timmy's adventures during their own youth, but they also got to watch new episodes along with their own children. This show dishes up a heavy dose of nostalgia for generations young and old. 

Think you're the ultimate "Fairly OddParents" fan? Take our quiz to test your knowledge of this beloved Nickelodeon classic!

Timmy has a pair of fairy godparents named Cosmo and Wanda to grant his wishes. What color hair does Cosmo usually sport?

Cosmo goes about his wish granting work, sporting his trademark green hair, while Wanda has a bubblegum pink 'do. If that hairstyle of Wanda's looks familiar, that's because it's inspired by the classic updo worn by Fred's wife Wilma on "The Flintstones."


Do you remember the relationship between fairies Cosmo and Wanda?

Timmy's fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda have been married for almost 10,000 years, after meeting in a fairy diner. While Wanda spends a lot of time keeping Cosmo from acting without thinking things through, the pair are a solid team who are together for the long haul.


Where do Cosmo and Wanda live?

When not granting wishes, Cosmo and Wanda live in a modest fishbowl in Timmy's bedroom. The tiny castle in their bowl is actually huge inside, containing a Hall of Infamy dedicated to their former godchildren, as well as a Hall of Timmy dedicated to their current favorite kid.


Timmy is taught by Mr. Crocker, but can you remember Crocker's greatest obsession?

Timmy is in Mr. Crocker's fifth grade class. His insane teacher spends most of his time trying to prove that fairies exist instead of instructing students in reading and math.


Think you can recall the name of Timmy's cruel and twisted babysitter?

It only takes one viewing of "The Fairly OddParents" to understand that Timmy's parents aren't all that focused on their son. They basically ignore him, leaving him alone with a babysitter named Vicky who constantly comes up with creative new ways to make Timmy miserable.


Which city serves as the setting for most of the action in the series?

The show takes place in the California suburb of Dimmsdale. Established in 1665 by Dale Dimm, it sports a fancy sign reminiscent of the famous letters found in the Hollywood Hills.


Can you tell us where Timmy's buddy Chester lives?

Timmy's two best buds are polar opposites, but they still manage to be just as unpopular at school as Timmy. While Chester lives in a trailer park and struggles with his studies, A.J. lives in a huge mansion and is a science genius with his own secret laboratory.


Do you remember Jorgen Von Strangle's job?

Tough guy Jorgen Von Strangle is the leader of the fairy world. It's his job to enforce "Da Rules" that govern fairy godparents and wish granting. Covered in muscles, he's the strongest fairy.


If Timmy could go on a date with anyone he wanted, who would he pick?

Trixie Tang is the most popular girl at Dimmsdale Elementary, so it's no surprise that Timmy has a huge crush on her. While Trixie is super stylish and always perfectly made up, Timmy learns via a fairy wish that she is also a tomboy at heart.


Late in the series, Timmy finally gets his own pet, named Sparky. What kind of animal is Sparky?

After making do with only a pair of fairies for years, Timmy finally gets a dog named Sparky in season nine. Sparky happens to be a fairy dog with a tail wand, and he is so wild and crazy that he has been adopted and returned to the animal shelter countless times before finding Timmy.


Know which actor voices the Crimson Chin, a superhero, on the series?

Late night host Jay Leno, who is known for his own impressive chin, serves as the voice for Timmy's favorite superhero, the Crimson Chin. Transformed into a superhero after a bite from a radioactive celebrity, the Chin protects Chincinnati from evil with the help of Timmy, disguised as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder.


How would you describe the relationship between Mr. Turner and his neighbor Mr. Dinkleberg?

Sheldon DInkleberg (a play on "Double Income, No Kids," or DINK) and his wife live right next door to Timmy's family. Mr. Turner is not a Dinkleberg fan, and he tends to blame Mr. D. for pretty much everything that goes wrong in his world.


Remember who Gary is?

When Timmy was younger, he had an imaginary friend named Gary, who he pretty much forgot about when he got his own pair of fairy godparents. At one point, Timmy wishes Gary to life but soon regrets his wish after Gary tries to take Timmy's place and send him to the Fairy World.


An alien named Mark Chang is a recurring character on the show. Why did Mark flee to Earth in the first place?

Hailing from the planet Yugopotamia, Mark Chang is a green squid-like alien who heads for Earth to avoid an arranged marriage. Because his people tend to like the opposite of what most humans like, Mark is a fan of things like garbage ... and Vicky.


Dimmsdale has a mascot named Chompy. Can you remember what kind of critter he is?

Dimmsdale's mayor is rarely seen without the town mascot, a goat named Chompy. A celebrity in his own right, Chompy is able to come and go as he pleases after Timmy wishes for the goat to have as much freedom as he wants.


Think you can remember which "Facts of Life" character shares a name with Vicky's little sister?

Named for the creator's own daughter, Tootie is Vicky's little sister on the show. Like Vicky, she has a lot of interaction with Timmy, but unlike Vicky, she happens to have a huge crush on him.


When Cosmo and Wanda finally had a baby named Poof, how did he enter the world?

After nearly 10,000 years together, Cosmo and Wanda were ready to start a family, so Timmy wished for them to have a baby. His wish was granted when Cosmo gave birth to a newborn fairy named Poof.


"Channel Chasers" appears on most top ten episodes lists. Its premise is that Timmy wishes for what?

A hugely popular special and part of season four, "Channel Chasers" centers around Timmy wishing for a magic TV remote that can insert him into his own favorite shows. His wish has serious consequences, however, and eventually leaves Vicky as the Supreme Ruler of the Earth. It's up to Timmy and his friends to undo the damage and save the planet from a fate worse than death. Alec Baldwin serves as the voice of adult Timmy on this special.


Name the Darth Vader-like toy that tries to destroy the town after Timmy brings it to life?

Inspired by Darth Vader, Dark Laser is a foreboding robot-like character on "Fairly OddParents." He transforms from toy to villain, thanks to one of Timmy's wishes. With the help of his dog Flipsie, Dark Laser attempts to take over Dimmsdale and the world until he is finally defeated by Timmy and the fairies.


Though it's the last thing most kids would expect, which holiday figure is depicted as a mob boss on the show?

"The Fairly OddParents" made sure kids would never look at the Easter Bunny the same way again. On the show, the bunny is a tough guy with a gravelly voice and stubble who at one point tries to destroy both Santa Claus and Timmy using explosive eggs.


Timmy's friend Chester has a funny family legacy. What is it?

Chester McBadbat is one of Timmy Turner's two best friends, and, as you can guess by his last name, he isn't very good at baseball. He inherited the lack of skill from his father Bucky, who failed on the baseball field when he was younger. Bucky is such an embarrassment that he often wears a paper bag over his head in public.


What very unique feature is associated with Timmy's buddy Elmer?

Elmer is one of Timmy's favorite friends, after Chester and A.J. It's easy to spot Elmer in a crowd because of the enormous boil on his face. Not a typical boil, the growth has a mind of its own and tries to telepathically lead Elmer in a plot to take over the world.


You're a true "OddParents" fan if you can remember the name of the biggest bully at Dimmsdale Elementary.

Francis is a stereotypical bully who terrorizes Timmy and his pals with the help of his nameless gang. He sports a signature look, complete with spiked wrist bands, green teeth and gray skin, which is the result of never spending time in the sun.


Adam West plays himself on the show, but also stars as his own alter ego. Can you name it?

In a dual role, Adam West voices a caricature of himself as well as his alter ego, Catman. Catman is a superhero who wants to protect Dimmsdale from danger, but he is so incompetent he often causes more trouble than he prevents.


Voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC, what is Chip Skylark's role on the show?

Chip Skylark is Dimmsdale's resident teen idol. He's so proud of his bright shiny teeth that he sings a song about them, but his biggest threat is that his chompers tend to yellow when he doesn't come through for his fans.


Why exactly does rich kid Remy Buxaplenty hate Timmy so much?

Remy Buxaplenty has a fairy godparent, but unlike Timmy, he has just one fairy granting his wishes. Jealous that Timmy has both Cosmo and Wanda to do his bidding, Remy spends way too much time trying to make Timmy lose access to his godparents.


Can you name the group known for making businesslike magic on "Fairly OddParents"?

Known for sporting gray suits and conducting magic in a businesslike manner, the Pixies use mobile phones as wands in their plans to take over the world. Timmy ultimately foils the Pixies' plans by beating them in a round of mini golf. Fans might recognize that actor Ben Stein is the voice of all the Pixies.


Which group on the show names Friday the 13th as their biggest annual holiday?

Thanks to Cosmo and Wanda, Timmy learns that every fairy has an opposite, known as an Anti-Fairy. These dark magic-doers celebrate each Friday the 13th and do their best to bring bad luck every day of the year.


If you were going to buy tycoon Doug Dimmadome a gift, what should you buy?

One of the richest men in Dimmsdale, Doug Dimmadome is a millionaire who sports a white suit and a hat that seems to grow taller in every episode. If you want to buy him a gift, make it a hat. He has an 80-story building that he uses just for storing headwear, so he can never have too many.


Other than a birth date, which of these does Timmy share with Chloe Carmichael?

There are only so many fairy godparents to go around, so it makes sense that Timmy can't have two just for himself. He ends up sharing Cosmo and Wanda with neighbor Chloe Carmichael, who is pretty much Timmy's opposite, thanks to her over-achieving personality.


Name the accessory that Timmy is almost never seen without?

Timmy almost always appears on the show sporting his favorite pink beanie. Interestingly enough, the hat was supposed to be blue, but creator Butch Hartman ran out of blue ink and used pink instead when creating the character that would become Timmy Turner.


In a classic season one episode, Timmy creates chaos by wishing what would happen every day?

"Christmas Every Day" from season one consistently ranks as one of the most popular episodes of the series. After wishing every day could be Christmas, Timmy finds himself bored with the festivities. He ends up having to save Santa Claus from the Easter Bunny and other holiday icons who are angry that St. Nick is getting all the glory.


Which longtime Nickelodeon star plays Timmy Turner in the live action "Fairly OddParents" flicks?

Nickelodeon transformed "The Fairly OddParents" into a series of movies beginning in 2011, and Drake Bell of "Drake and Josh" fame was chosen to play the non-animated Timmy Turner. In the first, "A Fairly Odd Movie," Timmy is in his early 20s, but he is still in the fifth grade, still making wishes to Cosmo and Wanda.


Remember what happens if a kid breaks "Da Rules" of the fairy godparent world?

Even fairy godparents and kids with unlimited wishes at their disposal are subject to Da Rules of the Fairy World. Any kid who reveals the existence of his godparents will have his memory erased and lose his fairy friends forever. This is why Timmy worked so hard on the show to keep Cosmo and Wanda a secret from the world.


Timmy and the gang first showed up in cartoon shorts on "Oh Yeah! Cartoons," but in what year did the show become a standalone series?

After showing up as short segments on "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" from 1998 through 2001, "The Fairly OddParents" became an independent series in 2001. Produced through 2006, it went on hiatus before returning in 2008 and running straight through 2018 before it was discontinued once again. Perhaps fans with their own fairy godparents can put in a wish for new episodes?


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