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There is no doubt about it; the 1980s were filled with fantastic animated shows that helped establish some of the most popular franchises ever created. Just like in real estate, locations were one of the primary keys to creating some of our most beloved series. If you were in the mood to adventure in a forest, perhaps a visit to Smurf Village was in order. How about a nursery? Then cruise up to visit the Muppet Babies. Through immersive storytelling, gone were the cat chasing mouse and mystery-solving pets. They made room for cartoons with in-depth background stories and fleshed out characters. And then there was Voltron. 

Voltron had a pretty simple premise; take a group of lion-shaped robots that combine into a massive robot, add a little bit of space combat, and finish it off with a few jokes about cheese. Even though it may not have been as deep as the typical '80s cartoons (as a matter of fact, it was quite a convoluted story possibly because it was the combination of two different manga), its easy-to-follow format made it enjoyable for most viewers. If there were just a smidge more detail, the series would have been perfect.

Thankfully in 2016, the Voltron franchise got a facelift, adding an origin story as well as bringing the beloved lions and characters back for a new battle across the universe. On top of all that, the animation is pretty sweet! So let's see if you can fly through our quiz without hitting too many wormholes.

Can you tell us what Princess Allura's home planet is named?

If you ever wondered why Princess Allura has such an ax to grind against Emperor Zarkon, look to her home planet, or rather where it formerly lay. As part of Zarkon's destructive path, Altea was obliterated, and the universe gained a powerful champion.


Do you know what color lion was the first to appear in the series?

Originally found in a desert, the Blue Lion has had two paladins. The first was Lance, the silly and often comedic relief of the show. The second was Princess Allura, who took over piloting duties after Shiro's disappearance.


What is the secret society of Galran rebels called?

A group of Galran rebels gained an unexpected ally when they examined a blade that Keith had in his possession. It turns out that the owner of the blade had been someone related to him, making him half Galran.


During the first season, Princess Allura often visits this family member's hologram in moments of crisis; who is it?

After being thawed from her 10,000-year cryogenic slumber, Princess Allura could use all the help she could get. As luck would have it, King Alfor designed a hologram projection of himself before meeting his demise, which would advise the princess in times of need.


What is something that the Yellow Lion has that the other lions don't?

Hunk and the Yellow Lion will often be the team to distract cannon fire, and when it comes to keeping things level (you wouldn't believe how many times this happens!), it can dig its claws in and hang on.


Who is the first pilot of the Black Lion?

Shiro is the oldest and most accomplished of the Voltron paladins, who went on a mission where it was estimated that no one survived. When he returned home, viewers got to see the ordeals that he had in captivity.


It wouldn't be fun if every one of the Voltron lions looked the same; what does the Black Lion have that the others don't?

In addition to having wings, the Black Lion has almost every color lion on its body (sorry, green). This may be for two reasons; it could signify that the Black Lion is the leader, or it may be because it forms the head and torso when Voltron is fully assembled.


Can you tell us who Zarkon's son is?

When he took over the Galra Empire while his father was indisposed, Lotor was a bit more calculated than his father. Manipulating certain situations, Lotor was one of the closest villains to destroy the massive robot.


Who was the main villain in the first couple seasons of "Voltron: Legendary Defender"?

Responsible for destroying multiple planets in the universe, Zarkon had only one treasure he was gunning after — the Black Lion. He was the original pilot, and even though he thought he could force his way back into the cockpit, the lion had other ideas.


Do you know the name of the Yellow Lion's pilot?

If we had to choose one of the Voltron paladins to take a road trip with, Hunk would win hands down. With his ability to fix pretty much anything, he could fix a car if it breaks down, and with his refined palette, we'd bet we'd find some of the best eateries around!


Ten-hut! Where did the paladins get their training?

Even though they may not have been in the same year, each of the paladins has had some training before becoming Voltron lion pilots. Lance, Hunk and Pidge didn't get a chance to finish their studies, Keith was expelled, and Shiro was already out on missions.


Which personality trait did the Yellow Lion search for in its paladin?

When we first meet Hunk, the Yellow Lion's paladin, he provided a lot of comedic relief; however, once he meets a group of refugees, he instantly understood their plights, and it was that event that caused Hunk to become a true protector of the universe.


When fully assembled, what is Voltron's primary weapon?

Even though Voltron is armed to the teeth with weaponry, most of the time, the mega robot is seen wielding a sword in its right hand and a shield in its left. Because a shield is cumbersome and can get in the way of movement, it is only deployed when necessary.


What kind of animal has a bond with Princess Allura?

When it comes to the telekinetic connection between Princess Allura and her mice, it probably was because they were inside the cryofreeze pod with her. These mice do have a job aside from being cute — they manage some of the smaller parts of the ship.


Which paladin's bayard produces a shoulder cannon?

It shouldn't be a surprise that the strongest lion produces such a high impact weapon. This cannon had the ability to burst through wings of ships as well as a scatter shot that can hit many ships at once.


What does the Green Lion have that the others don't?

The Green Lion didn't initially have the cloaking device as part of its arsenal, but after Pidge saw the castle's particle shield, she reverse-engineered it to create a cloaking device. She eventually gave Voltron this ability as well.


What is the name of the weapon used by the paladins when they aren't in their lions?

The paladins each have a bayard that deploys a weapon specific to each wielder. If a bayard is used in the control panel of one of the lions, the weapon is equipped to Voltron, giving it a leg up during a heated battle.


If it weren't for these navigational devices, getting through space would take a very long time; what item are we thinking of?

Even though Princess Allura makes many wormholes in the Voltron universe in a matter of seconds, it isn't as easily accomplished in real life. As a matter of fact, scientists are still uncertain if it can be accomplished at all.


Can you tell us who the pilot of the Green Lion is?

Pidge comes from a line of Galaxy Garrison soldiers; her father and brother participated in the doomed Kerberos mission, where they were believed to be dead. Accompanying them on this mission was Shiro, the paladin of the Black Lion.


Do you know the name of Pidge's older brother?

As part of her main story arc, Pidge had one mission and one mission alone; to reunite with her father and brother, who were lost on an expedition to Kerberos. As luck would have it, Shiro was also on that mission and gave Pidge information, which eventually led her to her brother.


Do you know the name of the current paladin of the Red Lion?

After Keith took over piloting duties for the Black Lion, Lance stepped it up and hopped into the Red Lion's seat. This was a perfect pairing because even though he has such a chill demeanor, Lance could run a little warm as well.


Which of these aliens produce crystals that power spacecraft?

Balmera are creatures the size of a planet that produce crystals for ships when given tribute. Unfortunately, the Galrans didn't get that message, and when they mined the creature almost to its demise, it took Princess Allura's quintessence to heal it.


What is the official title of the pilots of the Voltron lions?

When it came to choosing the correct title for the Voltron pilots, creators went back in time. Paladins were warriors who would fight with dignity and honor, often defending the weak. It makes sense, doesn't it?


What characteristic did the Green Lion look for when choosing its paladin?

Known for her keen intellect, Pidge implemented a cloaking device first on her lion but then managed to get it to function on the entire Voltron robot. In addition to this, she learned Altaen so she could read the various instructions on the ship.


What is Keith's secret?

After finding out that he is half Galran, Princess Allura becomes a bit frosty towards him; however, it is when he decides to leave the team to discover his roots that Allura softens up a little.


What is the name of Princess Allura's ship?

In addition to being a fully functioning battleship, the Castle of Lions operates as a hangar for the lions and a home for the paladins. Other facilities on the ship include a training area, tunnels and ziplines to lead the paladins to their lions and a swimming pool.


Who is the current pilot of the Blue Lion?

If you thought that the paladins had a ton of things to do to save the universe, check out Princess Allura. At times she was a military strategist, an ambassador, and when Shiro disappeared, she hopped in the Blue Lion's cockpit.


Who leads the druids of the Galran Empire?

Before she was transformed into Haggar, she was an Altaen named Honerva and married to Zarkon. After being exposed for a prolonged time to quintessence, she fell ill, and it was Zarkon's desire to heal her that led them both to madness.


What weapon is created when the green, blue, red and yellow paladins put their bayards into their lions' consoles?

When Voltron wields its enlarged cutlass, it means business! This cutlass glows bright blue and is as long as Voltron is tall. If there is a spaceship that needs to be taken down quickly, this weapon is the best option for doing that because it can slice right through it.


If the castle is in need of repair, you may want to call this Altaean; who are we thinking of?

After being awakened from a 10,000-year slumber along with Princess Allura, Coran's role in "Voltron: Legendary Defender" was instrumental in the series. When Princess Allura was piloting a lion, Coran flew the castle, and when the mood needed to be lightened, he provided comedic relief.


Ahh! Zakron is attacking the fortress! Which of these items would be armed to protect the ship?

It is usually easy to figure out which side has deployed its particle shields. If it is the Princess, her shield is bright blue and honeycomb-shaped. If it is a vehicle from the Galra Empire, the particle shield is scaled and bright pink.


Commonly used throughout the series in various applications, what does Princess Allura use to pilot her castle throughout the universe?

In addition to being an energy source to drive ships, quintessence has also been used to heal and promote longer lives. After prolonged exposure to quintessence, Zarkon's mind became polluted, and his rise as an interplanetary threat began.


Which of these personality traits did the Red Lion look for in its paladin?

The Red Lion is known for its temperamental nature, and because of that, it looked for a pilot who ran on emotion versus logic. It also requires a paladin with excellent piloting skills because it built with speed in mind, which made Keith and Lance the perfect pilots.


This alien looks like a mix between a centipede and an owl. Who is he?

The paladins end up rescuing Slav, who was once a slave to the Galran Empire, in order to defeat Zarkon's evil forces. Slav has a brilliant scientific mind, which sometimes is a bit of a burden; he tends to hesitate to take action until calculating the best outcome.


What kind of alien was the first race to be saved by Voltron?

Ruled by a pint-sized king, the Arusians believed that Voltron was actually an angel of death coming to destroy them. It was fortunate that the Voltron team was visiting because a robotic gladiator attacked while they were there.


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