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ALL ABOARD THE HOGWARTS EXPRESS! While the magic of Harry Potter seems to be over in written word, it continues in the world and with this quiz! With all the characters that have passed through the wizarding world of Harry Potter, can you name them from a few clues?

1997 brought the release of one of the greatest fantasy franchises in the world. When J. K. Rowling introduced "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" to the world, her audience was captivated. This one novel would soon branch into a series of seven. It would go on to include a franchise of 8 novels and a theme park in Orlando, Florida. 

There are 4,224 pages in the Harry Potter series and within them, J. K. Rowling introduced hundreds of characters for her readers to remember. How many of them can you name?

I'm a Ravenclaw. I dated Cedric Diggory, and I cried when Harry Potter kissed me. If you're answering with Cho Chang, you're ready for this quiz!

While picking out the boy with the lightning-shaped scar might be easy, there are hundreds of characters floating around the magical world. Will your magic help you remember them all or will your score prove that you're actually a Squib?

Wands at the ready!

I'm a great cook, a questionable knitter, and if someone messes with my family, I will end them. Who am I?

Molly Weasley is the loving mother of the Weasley kids, and a sort of honorary godmother to Harry Potter, sending him terrible Christmas sweaters before they even meet.


I'm a little gnarly, I judge people quickly, I can lay down a mean rhyme, and I have a secret weapon...

The Sorting Hat arranges pupils into their houses based on their characters: brave, smart, kind, and ambitious. It also contains the Sword of Godric Gryffindor, which you can only pull out of it in an emergency.


I'm a gatekeeper who dresses in a signature color, always knows the password, and isn't easily scared...

The Fat Lady is on the doorway to Gryffindor's tower in a portrait. When Sirius Black attacks her painting, she flees to another painting in terror.


I'm someone who comes from money, is loyal to my friends, and always had trouble holding on to happy thoughts...

Harry Potter's godfather was put in Azkaban, the wizard prison, for a crime he did not commit. He eventually escaped and resumed his role in fighting Voldemort.


I help people find what they didn't even know they were looking for, I run my own business, and I make the magic happen...

Garrick Ollivander is the owner of the wand shop in Diagon Alley. He is captured by Voldemort in a later book and forced to give up information about the Deathly Hallows.


I'm a writer, I have very few scruples, and I'm not above going around the rules when it suits me...

Lying, dishonest journalist Rita Skeeter appears in book four and was inspired by J.K. Rowling's experiences with the terrible human beings who make up the British tabloid press. Skeeter secretly turns into a bug in order to get close and hear all the gossip.


I'm a role model for women, a Scot, and a loyal friend of Albus Dumbledore...

Professor McGonagall is the head of Gryffindor House and is also a particularly great Animagus and teacher.


I'm a sister of many brothers, I used to be ignored easily, and I'm much braver than people used to think...

Ginny Weasley is the only daughter of the Weasley family, and the future Mrs. Potter.


I'm an expert in living things, a loyal friend, and a devoted dog owner...

Hagrid is a loyal friend and mentor to Harry Potter, and never fails in his devotion to Albus Dumbledore.


I live to serve others, whether I want to or not, and only clothes can change that...

Dobby the House Elf is a servant of the Malfoy family, who bully him mercilessly. They are tricked into freeing him by giving him clothes, which is how you free a house elf.


I have many brothers, I fear spiders, and I love chess...

Ron Weasley is Harry Potter's best friend and loyal friend. He isn't the brightest but he's pretty decent at chess.


I have a notable scar on my face, many people fear me, and I'm sometimes invisible for periods of time.

Alastor Moody is an Auror whose identity is assumed by Barty Crouch, who manages to trick everyone long enough to send Harry Potter into Voldemort's clutches by Portkey.


I'm still involved in how things go, from beyond the grave, I'm very unwelcome most of the time when I show up, and I give rather limited information...

Moaning Myrtle is the ghost of a student who died at Hogwarts and has haunted the girls' bathroom ever since.


I'm a member of Dumbledore's Army, I like to visit the owlery, and I'm not impressed by Harry Potter...

Cho Chang is Harry Potter's crush and briefly, his girlfriend, but he screws it up through teen angst and insecurity. They go on to be friends later, though.


I'm a keen Quidditch player, Lee Johnson has quite the crush on me, and I marry George Weasley.

Angelina Johnson is a Chaser on the Quidditch team of Gryffindor House, who grows up to marry George Weasley.


My hair changes a lot, my husband changes monthly, and I'm proud of my role as an Auror.

More commonly known as "Tonks", Nymphadora Black later marries a werewolf to become Nymphadora Lupin.


I'm quite the journalist, I'm a big fan of Harry Potter, and I'm very easily shocked...

Colin is a big fan of Harry Potter and often goes around with his camera. The lens later saves him from the eye of the Basilisk, which would have otherwise killed him.


I have a big mouth, I love Quidditch, and I'm a member of the DA.

Lee Jordan is the commentator of the Quidditch games, and was a Gryffindor who fought at the Battle of Hogwarts.


I'm a notable Hufflepuff, a victim of Voldemort, and beloved by all the girls in Hogwarts.

Cedric Diggory is the first victim of the returned Lord Voldemort, who has Wormtail kill him using an Unforgivable Curse.


I'm a fan of growing things, a competent teacher, and I've always got headphones handy when dealing with Mandrakes.

Professor Sprout teaches Herbology and is the head of the Hogwarts house, Hufflepuff.


I'm entirely self-serving, not very honest, and very handsome.

Gildeory Lockhart is the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in book two, and is famous for doing an awful lot of things he never actually did. He's a celebrity and also a terrible liar who gets his comeuppance when he erases his own memory.


I'm one of the most beautiful girls to step foot in Hogwarts, I speak excellent French, and I love to fly.

Fleur Delacour is the representative from Beauxbatons school in the Triwizard contest in book four. Beauxbatons is the French Hogwarts, and Fleur is their most talented student.


I'm very into Divination, I love bright colors, and I sometimes get it right...

Professor Trelawney teaches Divination, which is mostly nonsense - but every once in a while she does get a prophecy right.


I'm a Death Eater, I have plenty of money, and I'm a terrible employer.

Mr Malfoy is the father of school bully and noted Slytherin, Draco Malfoy. He is a former Death Eater who doesn't really want to return to the Dark Lord's service as he has a good thing going, but ultimately does anyway.


I'm a notable cat, I spend most of my time at Hogwarts, and I do not like students who go out of bounds.

Mrs. Norris is the cat of Argus Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts. She is a very mean cat and often finds students up to things at night. Plus, she can detect you even through an Invisibility Cloak.


I'm a Hufflepuff, a healer of illnesses, and author of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them".

Newt Scamander is not in the original series, though his book is mentioned. He was expelled from Hogwarts and spent most of his career in various animal-related jobs He appears in the new series of "Fantastic Beasts" movies, played by Eddie Redmayne.


I am the Minister for Magic, I'm hard to persuade of much, and I go by the nickname "Goblin Crusher".

Cornelius Fudge is the Minister of Magic throughout most of the series, but he does a very bad job, refusing to believe Voldemort has returned and turning against Harry Potter and Dumbledore by using the power of the media. He is removed from his job and replaced by a more pliable minister.


I am the Ministry of Magic's liaison between humans and goblins, and I spend most of the Deathly Hallows on the run.

Dirk Cresswell is the Head of the Goblin Liaison Office and fluent in Gobbledegook.


I'm a Gryffindor who keeps a low profile until it's time to step up and join Dumbledore's Army.

Seamus Finnigan is a half-blood wizard and a member of Gryffindor House. He joins Dumbledore's Army and fights for the good guys very reliably.


I am an old friend of Dumbledore's, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and a writer.

Elphias Doge is an original member of the Order of the Phoenix. He writes Dumbledore's obituary in the Daily Prophet and never allows the slanders against his old friend to sway him.


I teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, I've survived epic bullying levels, and while many people think I am a villain, I am actually a hero.

Severus Snape is initially a Potions teacher but eventually becomes Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He used to be bullied by James Potter, which he takes out on Harry Potter. He is a former Death Eater who was redeemed by his love for Lily Potter and loyalty to Albus Dumbledore, even after his death.


I'm a Hogwarts teacher, everyone takes my class, and I'm head of Ravenclaw.

Filius Flitwick is a very small Professor who teaches the Charms class. He is also head of Ravenclaw, the house of the most intelligent students, and charms many flying keys to help guard the key to the Philosopher's Stone.


I'm the head of Hogwarts, I'm very controlling, and I have a complicated relationship with the Ministry of Magic.

Dolores Umbridge is made Head of Hogwarts for a while when Dumbledore is away. She forces Harry Potter to write lines saying "I must not tell lies," where he uses a quill that draws from his own blood. Umbridge gets her comeuppance later in the series.


I'm a Quidditch player, I don't speak a lot, and some people say I'm a bit of a bully.

Viktor Krum is the Triwizard champion from Durmstrang, the Scandinavian wizarding school. He's also the Seeker for the Bulgarian national Quidditch Team.


I'm a great big hound, I'm actually one of the good guys, and I have more than one face...

Fluffy is the three-headed dog who guards the way to the Philosopher's Stone (also known as the Sorcerer's Stone). His weakness is that if you play some music for him, he'll immediately fall asleep.


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